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Why we need a jobs guarantee

If you're old school, see under Marx, Karl, Labour, Reserve Army of. Or read Izvestia today:

Because of high unemployment, management is using its leverage to get more hours out of workers,” said Robert C. Pozen, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and the former president of Fidelity Investments. “What’s worrisome [for whom?] is that American business has gotten used to being a lot leaner, and it could take a while before they start hiring again.”

When Obama, in Detroit, talks about industry being "lean and mean," that's what he means.

Permanently higher unemployment and the threat of disappearing into the underclass as a club to beat working people into line.

Thanks, "progressives"!

NOTE Of course, a jobs guarantee would take that leverage away. That's why we need a Jobs Guarantee. Versailles, of course, already has their guarantee.

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Yeah, that whole Six Sigma thing. "Flatten" the organization. Funny, that never means any corporate officers go...just middle managers and peons.