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Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

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Insurance Company Overhead and profits are more like 30% right now. If the HCR bill "works" that percentage will go down to a figure more like that cited in the video. But I wouldn't hold my breat.

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only I heard it was closer to 40%.

I am going to wait a month and see how much stock dumping the parasites do in the aftermath of the bill signing. somehow we need to communicate to the general public how utterly heedless our corporate elite is.

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I posted some I had used during the past year in a more recent blog above.

I had sent a couple of them around a long time ago, when single payer was a non-twinkle in Obama's eye. I assumed it was so logically the right thing to do. Most people were confused, said they didn't know much about the issue and didn't want to be bothered. It did concern me a bit, that they were willfully staying uneducated about it, but I assumed with the Dems in the WH and Congress that Single Payer would be recognized as excitingly progressive and equitable and would be a shoe-in. Maybe not to the vile Repubs... but to the Dems, no problem. Whaaaa????????

I should have heeded the foreshadowing of my talk to the hand comrades and also been pushier and more committed back then. It just seemed so damn obvious. But I didn't realize one and a half million was being spent a day to bribe our trusted leaders. And how bribable they were. I underestimated them and the average citizen so profoundly.

Even when demonstrating the other day, it was a revelation to see how many were not interested, or if not not interested simply not informed. Not a sexy topic, insurance, and I have seen the news anchors use mystification and shrug and say it is way too complicated for them. Signalling America, just sit back and you will be taken care of.

Even after TARP ... people are anxious but led down the same corporate garden path.

Keep up the great work. Thanks.