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Why Versailles doesn't notice the foreclosure crisis


Because, just like DISemployment, it's not happening to them:

The Washington, D.C. metro area registered the largest decrease in foreclosure activity from the year before. Filings there dropped 22%.

Nationwide, the story is different:

For the year, more than 2.8 million properties in the U.S. received at least one foreclosure filing from notice of default to repossession. While the hardest hit areas – 19 of the top 20 in California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona – saw filings drop, 149 of the metro areas studied saw activity actually increase from 2009.

RealtyTrac CEO James Saccacio said widespread unemployment has pushed foreclosures in areas previously insulated from the "initial foreclosure tsunami."

Since neither legacy party is doing anything about this -- the word "foreclosure" wasn't in the SOTU -- they want it to happen. Yay!

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