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Why US Propaganda Goose-Step to Nuclear War with Russia?

David North and Alex Lantier in a provocative article entitled “Are you ready for nuclear war?” insist that we all should be asking ourselves that question especially since the mysterious but war-mongering propaganda-useful destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17!

North and Lantier maintain the world hasn’t been this close to global war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. An important difference between then and now, however, is that John F. Kennedy was a statesman, capable of conflict resolution, while Barack Obama is a gamesman, and instead of conflict resolution efforts with Russia is pointed the opposite direction, demonizing Russian President Putin and war-mongering at every opportunity.

North and Lantier call out the CIA in particular for globally directing a present “incendiary propaganda campaign” against Putin and Russia. These writers maintain that the CIA is earnestly and obviously organizing US political and intelligence networks, other governments, mass global media and academic leaders to endorse and help escalate anti-Russian propaganda and discord.

North and Lantier also remind us that Russia has the second largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world.

There is still no hard evidence to what happened to MH17. With all the anti-Russia rhetoric, the US intelligence agencies, armed with the world’s most sophisticated surveillance technology, still can not prove that Russia was responsible for the destruction of the plane. Nevertheless, truth doesn’t seem to have much traction when there are 24/7 propaganda talking points blasted outward on behalf of a helluva dark agenda of political imperialistic gamesmanship.

North and Lantier refer to three powerful world newsmagazines -- Time, The Economist and Der Spiegel, from US, UK and Germany respectively -- all with what North and Lantier label “wild accusations” against Putin and “demands for a showdown with Russia” on their recent covers.

North and Lantier point out that all three newsmagazine anti-Putin stories carried the same inciting language. They all made references to Putin’s “web of lies” and to his being a “depraved” mass murderer. This is more than coincidence, the use of the very same words and expressions.

This demonization of Putin North and Lantier stress is of course reminiscent of the demonization of Serbia’s Milosevic, Iraq’s Hussein, Libya’s Gaddafi, Syria’s al-Assad, etc. It is straight out of the deadly CIA destabilization and destruction playbook.

We all know the outcomes of the demonization campaigns for the gentlemen on the US and CIA’s hit list as well as the deaths and devastations to their countrypeoples as well as that of our own "cannon fodder" US troops.

How is Putin reacting to being the latest US-CIA demonization target North and Lantier logically ask? Not only is Putin NOT an evil man as the propaganda insists, he is also NOT a stupid one.

Are the US and EU really planning the end of Vladimir Putin and the destabilization of Russia? The familiar propaganda targeting seems to lead one there.

Do they think that Putin and the Russian people are going to wait around and let that happen? Considering the colossally callous and murderous history of US interventions? And in this world made so profoundly dangerous by the US’s presumptuousness to militarily pre-emptively strike and its and its cronies, such as Israel, complete and obvious disrespect for international law. The Bush doctrine put on steroids by drone-assassinator Obama.

The three mass media stories reveal aggressive impatience at the US government and other European governments for not being more challenging to Russia about its role in the destruction of the Malaysian airplane. A role that has not even been defined and confirmed, but that is not an obstacle for the well-networked intelligence agency overlords of propaganda.

Time magazine according to North and Lantier chastises Obama for inviting Putin to help with the crash investigation. It also attacks Italy, France, the Obama administration and the American citizenry for not being angrier at Russia.

North and Lantier see Time as rallying for “military options on the table.” European countries with economic interests aligned with Russia are being called out by the Time’s war-mongering as cowardly.

Such media has power -- a “wag the dog”-scenario catastrophic power. That influence is having results. Suddenly, Obama and the European Union have agreed on tougher sanctions for Russia.

Financial Times columnist Wolfgang Munchau gleefully and titillatingly calls the new sanctions “The Atom Bomb of Financial War.” Munchau’s article was also published in Der Spiegel. WTF, Wolfgang?

North and Lantier go as far as to suggest that the campaign against Russia, with these world media outlets taking it upon themselves to issue military and economic threats against Russia, wants an end result of an overthrown, and maybe killed, Putin and a western “colonized” and subservient Russia!



Did I mention above that Russia has the world’s second-largest nuclear weapons arsenal????

So, the mess in Ukraine has the US and EU supporting an illegitimate craven fascist and neo-Nazi regime which itself is following up on some nasty ethnic cleansing of Ukrainian Russians with the anti-international law, enthusiastic help of US and EU. Simultaneously, military troops based in Eastern European countries are being put on alert. DUH!

Are the US and EU leaders so addicted now to the profits of imperialism along with crazed hubris they are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia? Willing to destroy the entire planet? Are the Dr. Strangelovian neocons and neolibs totally at the helm of this country and the world? Daring to push that red button, or daring a justifiably paranoid Putin to push it?

Profits uber alles, even with nuclear-war risking stakes?

You betcha!!!

Look at the toll on humanity thus far!!!

Paul Craig Roberts in the “Cultivation of Hate” also takes on the US and EU campaign to provoke Russia and Putin. He has been doing close commentary since day one of the illegitimate and anti-democratic coup Kiev government. Roberts commends the people of Crimea for using the “ballot box” to reunify with Russia and escape the ruthless DC puppet Kiev regime.

Roberts saw Crimea as similar to the early American colonies separating from Britain rather than as how US propaganda has spun the Crimea story. That Russia invaded and annexed it. Former Russian territories in Ukraine took inspiration from Crimea’s separation and are still trying to separate themselves from the corrupt and fascist new Kiev regime. Roberts decries the propaganda demonization of the residents in Eastern Ukraine as “terrorists” in order to murder them.

Roberts writes:

The Obama regime used its well-paid NGOs in Ukraine to overthrow an elected, democratic government, a government no more corrupt than those in Western or Eastern Europe or Washington.

The political morons who have England, France, Germany, and Italy in their hands are wagging their fists at Russia, warning of more, this time real, sanctions.  Do these morons  really want their energy supplies cut off?  There is no prospect, despite the propagandistic claims, of Washington supplying the energy on which Germany industry depends and on which Europeans depend so that they do not freeze in the winter.

Sanctions on Russia will wreck Europe and have little, if any, effect on Russia.  Russia is already moving, with China and the BRICS, outside the dollar payments mechanism.

As the demand for dollars drops, the dollar’s exchange value will drop.  Initially, Washington will be able to force its vassals to support the dollar, but eventually this will become impossible.

What the White House Fool, the neoconized National Security Council, the presstitute media, and subservient Congress are doing is to support and uphold the policies based on hubris and arrogance that are leading the US into the abyss.

An abyss is like a black hole.  You don’t get out.

An abyss. A black hole.

A nuclear war.

I’m thinking its high time for American citizens to rally and get a lot more serious and attentive about what the hell exactly our supposed “lesser evil” President and his administration and all those destruction-addicted covert intelligence agencies and amoral profits uber alles corporate overlords and fascism-cultivating EU countries have got planned for the planet and its human community.

This grotesquely over-ambitious not to mention sub-basement evil imperialist game of power to destroy Putin and Russia deserves a WAFM (“Wait A F*cking Minute!”) RESPONSE by us and the rest of the world’s populations -- AND SOON!!

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