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Why is Think Progress censoring links to in wonkroom?

My goodness, I don't have any idea -- other than that they're following the administration's lead -- but that's what they're doing. Check these screen dumps:

1. Do the entry:


2. Submit the comment. Nada!


3. Test another URL:


4. It works!


So, links to are being censored. Why? Hey, try it for yourself!

All screen shots from here.

NOTE Big hat tip to DCBlogger for finding this.

UPDATE Think Progress boss John Podesta thinks the American political system "sucks". Via Bowers. Thanks to both of you for your help making the system what it is!

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Submitted by gmanedit on

As in, compromised by a hidden agenda. (Isn't that what cops say of crooked cops?)

Submitted by lambert on

I fired this off to:

Jason Rahlan
health care, economy, civil rights

So we'll see what comes of it.


I've noticed that the Wonk Room censors comments that include the following URL:

which, as I'm sure you know, is the URL to the well-known single payer advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program.

For the record, can I get the list of ALL the organizations whose URLs Think Progress censors? I'm sure your technical folks can easily provide it, and I'd like to advice [sic] my readers when to use full URLs, and when to use shortened URLs (as provided by the Bitly service, for example).

Thanks very much!

lambert strether

I'd like to mail Podesta, just in case there's a policy issue involved here, but his email address isn't on the site. Readers?

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

In the 1950s, the CI lying A ran an operation called "Operation Mockingbird." Totally against the law, their charter and any known presidential memos. Paid "news" paper reporters and commentators to flat lie about the CI lying A involvement in some truly screwed up operations. Paid big time authors to write books favorable to the US and it's government, somewhere between 500 and 1500 books.

This is all documented wholly and precisely by the documents that the Church commission in the 1970s could get their hands on from the executive and legislative branches, with some CI lying A little stuff added in. The FB lying I had a field day.
"Deep Throat" who gave the Watergate breakin story to the Washington Post and ratted out Richard Nixon for taping all of his Whitehouse conversations was an FB lying I agent.
Woodward and Bernstein got a wrapped package, they were not investigative reporters, they were stenographers.

If you think that big blog commentators are not susceptible to a little cash incentive, you have a much higher trust than I do of anyone. Go find the big black conservative radio commentator that received something like $400,000 in cash to support the criminals' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Submitted by lambert on

But that would mean to me that management isn't checking the blacklist (whether they manage it internally, or outsource it). But when Kos goes through, and HCAN goes through, and PNHP doesn't... WTF? Which is why I ask the question, "Why?"

Anyhow, they've got mail now that will allow them to rectify the situation. Hopefully, they'll act on it. (And, as I point out, it's not like we don't have precedent for this sprt of thing.)

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Tried to link Healthcare-NOW's website. Still in moderation since last night.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I'm at school at the moment. I'll do it when I get home a little later this afternoon.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I did not put in corrente's url just in case they are censoring that (why would they? :>) and I only put in one link, just in case multiple links trigger moderation:

Type in my comment. Very innocuous and informative, no?

enter comment

Then hit preview:

preview comment

Then submit my comment and get put in moderation:

submit - and end up in moderation

I'm waiting for a reasonable explanation. But if one isn't forthcoming, I just may turn into the Incredible Hulk.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

But I'm tired, and have other work that needs doing, and it's occurred to me that their "excuse" may be that the comments are OT to the post, so I'd like to craft something that couldn't possibly be considered OT or else search for another post to comment on, but I'm too bored, annoyed, and busy to do that now.

But if anyone else wants to try, how about Labor for Single Payer? Just for one. Big conference coming up in March.

Submitted by lambert on

Any explanation?

Submitted by hipparchia on

but then, i didn't even get a warning message that it was in moderation, it just plain disappeared into the ether when i clicked on submit comment. the cna/nnoc link went through without any moderation at all.

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Submitted by Michael Wilk on

Since the access bloggers are the ones who get invited to the talk shows while we don't, how can we change that? Who among us can get on the air and present the case that what the American people really want, single-payer, is being deliberately swept under the rug by the very activists who are supposed to be fighting for it on America's behalf?