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Why stay in college? Why go to nightschool?

Look at this chart from Reuters:

Productivity up, wages flat. So why bother to work harder or better? Oh, the title:

So true, all true. And in 1979....

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One of the best songs from one of the best rock concert videos -- evuh! And yes, better to become a musician than incur huge debt for college only to come out with all of the job prospects -- of a musician!

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According to your link, only by marriage is she "part of the Wapo Weymouths". Although a connection is a connection, I guess...

Yes, the T-Heads definitely sound up to the minute...although my nephew who claims that "New Wave" is coming back refuses to listen to them. Telling him the the term "New Wave" was coined to describe the Talking Heads makes no difference to him. He won't even try them....probably because I like them.

I really wish David would reunite with the rest of the group. While I like some of his solo songs (Like Humans Do; Glass, Concrete and Stone; The Man Who Loved Beer) I think the collaboration added something he hasn't been able to create since. It's so bad for me that I passed up my golden opportunity to see him in concert, maybe the only chance I'd ever have of seeing him within a few miles of my house. I find some of his recent stuff unbearable. But you know, the fizzling out often happens with artists. They have a finite story to tell. But David does continue to come out with things that are interesting from time to time, not nearly as frequently as in the T-Heads days.