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Why Some Things Never Change

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There's a diary over at DKos I think everybody should -- no, NEEDS TO -- read. It's called Second Class Citizens and its focus is on the inequities between respect for women, people of color, and Native Americans that we take for granted in this society, even during its most (arguably) progressive era, The New Deal.
Go read it. I'll wait. Then come back and talk to me about it.

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The one you've built for "Second Class Citizens" goes back to

You know I do everything just as you tell me, so I've been going around and around in a loop for several minutes now. Please, help me...I'm getting dizzy.

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I just bought a Curtis book at a local Arizona State Park and was enthralled at the beauty of his photos - and by that I mean the photos themselves PLUS the subjects he shot. A really amazing history.

This diary - the one you referred us to - tells an equally interesting history - where white men rule the lives of the rest of us. Same is true today, IMHO - I don't consider Mr. Obama to be any more AA than I am. He's simply "acceptable" to the powers-that-be.


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The willfull extermination of any organic entity, whether a language or a society or a people or a fish or a plant, is irresponsible and foolhardy. It should be intolerable, and barred by law with severe penalty.

Except for Republicans. They should be shot darted with tranquilizers from airplanes, for a bounty.

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Fence Eastern Wyoming. Seed it with endangered lions from the Namib Desert. Throw the tranked out Repubs over the fence with all the Christianists and rapacious Corporatists we can also track down and dart. And Osama bin Laden too, if we can ever catch him.

Let God's will and the free market have their way.

GPS ankle bracelet satellite tracking and Predator drone Hi-Res streaming video Pay-per-View subscriptions will cover the collection costs and the national debt, no problem. In fact, sign me up right now - for the Premium Package (includes exclusive zoom and slow-mo replay functions).

Gotta save those Namibian lions.

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It's also hugely ironic that the most misogynistic 'liberal' website on the net would be the source of an article about discrimination against women. According to all the A-list posters there, there's absolutely no hatred of women on their site and there never was. Never mind all the historical evidence to the contrary (rampant CDS and Palin hatred are just the most recent examples). No I'm not giving any links but you can even find sordid episodes described in detail in the dkosopedia. I'm guessing they're actually proud of periodically harassing women off the site?

The sanctimonious jerks in Orangeland will never get it no matter how many diaries are posted there.

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as the post isn't by Kos but by Land of Enchantment.
I believe it is cross-posted -- at DocuDharma and at Native American Netroots.
But maybe you don't want to give those sites any traffic either.