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Why Sewol, the Korean ferry, sank


The ferry operator "was trying to make a profit by overloading cargos," said Kim Gil-soo, a professor at Korea Maritime and Ocean University in Busan, "and public agencies that should have monitored did not monitor that."

Except some of those "public agencies" were privatized:

The doomed ferry Sewol exceeded its cargo limit on 246 trips — nearly every voyage it made in which it reported cargo — in the 13 months before it sank, according to documents that reveal the regulatory failures that allowed passengers by the hundreds to set off on an unsafe vessel. And it may have been more overloaded than ever on its final journey.

One private, industry-connected entity recorded the weights. Another set the weight limit. Neither appears to have had any idea what the other was doing.

Neo-liberalism kills, as letsgetitdone says.

Doomed kids trapped underwater.... Ugh. Too distressing.

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...of a compliant, polite, and ordered society.
The only ones to survive were the cowards/galoots (crew) and the very few who ignored the crews orders. I cannot imagine staying anywhere but on deck, in an obviously sinking vessel.
This is not to blame the victims (mere children); the gods know they (the victims) were true to their culture's values; it's the culture's adherence to rote behavior that is to be condemned.
Critical thinking seems to be a true rarity among humans, because Americans sure can't lay claim to an abundance of that quality...
It's difficult to find in S.E. Asia as well...