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Why seek unity with Republicans if we can stomp them?

I'm going to fair use this from Kevin Drum because it's a great argument. Quoting from alert reader Mary S:

The most important and strangely overlooked [or not] development in this primary season so far may be the historic level (in terms both of hard numbers and percentage of the electorate) of women turning out to vote. If that trend persists in the general, none of the Republicans has a chance, including McCain.

Translation: We don't have to follow Obama's lead and teabag the Republicans. What a relief!

What I think may be happening out there is this: you have a new generation of women, with entirely different political experiences, attitudes and needs than the generation before them, just reaching the age (40-60) ....


... when a generation really begins to show up at the polls and exercise its fullest political power. And you have a candidate who is uniquely positioned to bring them, in greater numbers than ever before, into the political process.

Remember (or, if you are too young to remember, give some thought to the fact that) it was men (the "angry white male"), much more than women, entering that age group back in the late 70s who ushered in, gave energy to and sustained the Reagan Revolution. In the Boomer generation, which is now coming into its fullest power as the voters of the WWII and Silent generations increasingly depart the scene, the greatest energy and desire for political change and for recognition of their (mostly overlooked and neglected) accomplishments and needs, comes from women. And that is true across all classes and races.

Unity! Except maybe, er, for real.

This development will bode well for the Democrats, whether the general election candidate is Hillary or not. But, if Hillary Clinton turns out to be the first politician to benefit from this development, it will probably be because, as a woman of that generation, she is just in a better position to hear, see and speak to it, and is less invested in the old (traditionally male) political narratives (in which such a development is close to unimaginable, except, for some (Chris Matthews?), perhaps as nightmare or catastrophe), than the men.

As the angry white men shuffle off the stage, another revolution may be in the works — this one fed by the energy of the "fed up female."

Heh. Corrente turns out to look a lot like America...

And, oh yeah, tactically:

Think this explains why the OFB is so happy to leverage Hillary Hatred?

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I honestly think gender is the trump card, especially for HRC. I fear she'll be slammed as playing The Gender Card--Magic!--again by the hack press, but this is the reality. Someone needs to bring this up--subtly, but effectively--because this whole Hillary theme of "I'm the best to take on McCain due to experience and national security issues" is fundamentally weak, especially on the latter. Clinton should state that she--as a serious, competent candidate--offers Democrats something that the GOP just can't compete with: the potential to appeal to the majority of voters simply by her very being.

Clinton must campaign on the fact that confrontation is good because it increases candidate support and galvanizes people to vote. If she can rile up the left--denouncing conservatism and embracing core progressive principles--she'll be a tremendous candidate because she's hated by the right.

Here FDL discuss the book Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party:

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I was thinking exactly that. I'm wondering if all that needs to be done is respond to attack in the way that 40-60 year old women would like to see in their own lives. Worked in NH. Show this in small encounters. With YouTube, it all propagates. Shit, it worked with me, and I'm a cynical old white guy.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.