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Why Religion Must Be Removed from Politics, Reason #493745

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It's simple, really. Besides the fact that religious men in politics wear too much makeup (see above), Delay is a racist, misogynist, thieving, lying prick and he'll soon be a convict. No amount of apologizing to the invisible sky buddies can make that go away. But the wingnuts have gloamed on the Christianity, and morphed it into Christianism- an ersatz variety of "religion" that serves only one True Purpose: giving cover to their scumbags when nothing else will.

Faith, and lack of it, is a private matter and should be kept that way. I can't do much about the proliferation of churches, but I can demand that they are left out of the political discussion. Unless you want to continue to read hurl-inducing cowshit like this:

Q: You write very openly about what you call "the dark side of Tom DeLay" that still exists even since you gave your life to Christ. You admit to being aggressive sometimes; I think you even use the word "mean." Do you think maybe that has hurt your Christian witness through the years?

A: Well, yes it does, and it's something I struggle with every day – because it's not who I am now. But it's certainly a person that I was, that I'm constantly trying to get rid of. I get angry when I see things happening that I think are wrong, and I struggle with that anger. And I have to be constantly reminded that I have to love my enemies, that I have to approach people and issues and my own conduct in a loving way.

And that's very difficult. It's a weakness I struggle with every day

I can't wait to know he's struggling with some hairy, dark-hued vatos in a dingy Texan cell. He'll learn what 'weak' really means. But an even more disgusting image than Tom playing 'drop the soap' in a prison shower: Tom returning to public life, having been found (again!) by Jeebus. If you see this crap picked up in the SCLM, call them on it. It's patently insincere bunk.

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i just knew y'all would have that same reaction, seeing that fashion shot of delay.

in porn photography, they have a special concoction for the vaginal area, when it is going to be shot close up. they paint or spray it on the expose vaginal area, to make it look "wet" and "ripe." it reflects the light in a certain way, making it easier for photographers to get a "good" shot of the merchandise. they call it "pussy juice."

when i look at this photo of delay, i look at his cheeks and lips, and i wonder what enhancements he received. he's so virile, yet sensitive, or something. and as VL points out, to normal human beings like us, it makes him look dead.

...which is another post in an of itself, if i have time...

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Saw some show one time about how they "do" food for TV and professional photography work, like cookbooks or grocery store ads or even for a scene involving Thanksgiving dinner or something in a show or movie.

turkey, for instance, is gone over with a blowtorch to give it that golden, gleaming, just-out-of-the-roaster look. Inside it's as raw as ever. (Do NOT think about Mr. DeLay during this discussion. Please.)

And since ice cream would melt almost instantly under exposure to stage lighting, it is normally served in vanilla and the part is played by....plain ol' lard. Yup. Rendered and filtered melted pig fat.

(I told you not to think about...oh well. Too late now. Sorry about the mess. But now every time you see that slick, oh-so-sincere face, you will think instantly: (1)Take a blowtorch to that turkey, and, (2) LARD. And you will giggle. That's worth something, isn't it?)

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Xan, in the newspaper business "food stylists" often impersonated ice cream with mashed potatoes. But ... yeah, blowtorches and lard. Grin.

There is but one way for a newspaperman to look at a politician and that is down." Frank H. Simonds

"No rendirse, muchachos!" William Barrett Travis, 1836

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But there's always a first time!

So much I really, really didn't need to know.

Say, maybe Cheney's lips got all twisted when ... some kinda concoction dried on there, and they didn't dare scrape it off because of what would come with it?

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.