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Why Over 1 Million Iraqis Were Killed & 4 Million Displaced by the U.S.


FIRST LOOK: WALL STREET IN IRAQ? – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Secretary Tom Nides (formerly chief administrative officer at Morgan Stanley) will host a group of corporate executives at State this morning as part of the Iraq Business Roundtable. Corporate executives from approximately 30 major U.S. companies – including financial firms Citigroup, JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs – will join U.S. and Iraqi officials to discuss economic opportunities in the new Iraq. Full list of corporate participants:*

*Participating Companies in Business Roundtable

1. 360 Architects; 2. Albright Stonebridge; 3. Bell Helicopter Textron; 4. Boeing; 5. Cargill; 6. Caterpillar; 7. Chamber of Commerce; 8. Chevron; 9. Citigroup; 10. Exxon Mobil Corp; 11. Federal Express; 12. Fluor; 13. General Electric; 14. Goldman Sachs; 15. Halliburton; 16. ITT; 17. JPMorgan Chase; 18. KBR; 19. Khudairi Group; 20. L-3 Communications; 21. Lindsay Corporation; 22. Lockheed Martin; 23. Microsoft; 24. Monsanto; 25. National Assoc. of Home Builders; 26. NTELX; 27. Occidental Petroleum; 28. Schlumberger; 29. Tupperware; 30. Ventech

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to ravage?

How many troops are we leaving there for, what is it, training? Managing Al Aqaeda in Iraq?

What are the current rationalizations? .IE., lies, excuses.

I believe I heard on some NPR or BBC news that 4 US oil servicing buisnesses have been given almost all the contracts for Iraqi oil fields, repairs and new well digging.