If you have "no place to go," come here!

Why, oh why, can't we have a better press corpse?

AP makes a funny: Lawmakers return to Capitol to clean up leftovers. Those leftovers include: Taxes on the rich, or not (lead, five paragraphs), passing a temporary budget extension; food bills; airport screening; DADT.

Notice anything missing?

Michigan Live:

The House will likely try again to pass an extension of federal unemployment benefits this week. An attempt to fast-track the extension of benefits before the Thanksgiving break failed. This week's attempt "would most likely be subject to regular procedural rules, making the process more lengthy but requiring only a simple majority," the Detroit News reports.

Even if that bill passes the House, it would still face Republican opposition in the Senate — making any extension of federal unemployment benefits this week unlikely at best.

The expiration of federal benefits will hit more than 600,000 unemployed Americans this week and another 2 million next month, making for a dreary holiday season for many.

A million here, a million there. Pretty soon you're talking about real suffering!

Yes, the DISemployed are "leftovers" indeed; so "left over" that our chattering classes don't even mention them!

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