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Train Derailment Causes Fiery Destruction In Casselton, ND

UPDATE UPDATE: Entire City of Casselton Being Evacuated

Several train cars are on fire and huge plumes of toxic, black smoke can be seen for miles. Several explosions have also been reported. Emergency crews are urging people to stay inside and a code red alert has been sent out to residents in a two mile radius of the accident.

The Casselton Fire Department says a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train is involved. An unknown number of cars derailed, but we're told the train that is derailed was pulling more than 100 cars, some carrying oil. ....

Information from the National Weather Service indicates a shift in the weather resulting in a high pressure system that will push the plume of smoke down increasing the risk of potential health hazards.

Those in the areas south and east of Casselton are also encouraged to consider evacuating, specifically Durbin Township and Everest Township east of ND State Highway 18.

This evacuation is precautionary and in anticipation of potential changes in wind direction. Those within the evacuation zone are not currently in immediate danger but the potential exists if the wind changes direction.

This is a HazMat incident. All people and animals within a 10 mile radius of Casselton, ND should find shelter and avoid going outside until the incident and area are deemed safe.

UPDATE Here's a roundup.

Valley News Live - KVLY/KXJB - Fargo/Grand Forks

UPDATE Reuters:

Local residents heard five powerful explosions just a mile outside of the small town of Casselton after a westbound train carrying soybeans derailed, and an eastbound 104-car train hauling crude oil ran into it just after 2 p.m. CST, local officials said. There were no reports of any injuries.

Dateline: Fargo. Somewhere I saw a Gunderson quoted, which is pretty keen. Not Marge, though.