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Why not go straight to impeachment?

It's late, and I'm going to bed, so I can't do links, and maybe this is just a bad idea. That said:

The smart money inside the Beltway has the subpoena kabuki all laid out like this:

1. Congress issues subpoena.

2. Bush refuses.

3. Congress attempts to enforce subpoena through the Justice department.

4. Politicized Justice department, infested with Republican operatives, refuses to enforce subpoena.

5. Two-year court challenge, followed by lots of revenue from speaking engagements for talking heads, cocktail weinies for all, a Compromise, and the Republicans getting away clean (again).

But does it have to work that way?

Congress can impeach not just the President, but any official of the executive branch.

So why putz around with step #3? Impeach the fuckers. We can do that all on our own, without relying on Bush's corrupt attorneys.

Why not?

So, when Abu G blows off the subpoena, as he surely will--as

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We've wasted enough precious time already. I doubt one could say they don't have the votes to impeach Gonzo.

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Would an impeachment trial before the Senate have the same power to compel testimony that comes with trials in the criminal justice system? That is, can the Senate (or the House before it when putting together a bill of impeachment) gather new facts, or must they use facts already on the record? Would the Democratic majority have the ability to hire a prosecutor (and staff) to essentially replicate the Grand Jury process? The Special Prosecutor law has expired, and nobody wants a rerun of the Ken Starr performance, but absent some such institution how does the factual basis for an impeachment trial get put together?

For what it is worth, I have already written my Congressman advocating exactly the same thing you advocate in your post. It is clear that the Bush Administration is just playing to run out the clock, at which time everybody gets a pardon. After the Nixon and Regan/Bush41 experience with illegal governance and the rehabilitation of those who did it so that they can repeat the process with the next Republican president, it is time to make a public record and impose punishment from which they cannot slip.

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If the Clinton impeachment is precedent, the House would appoint "managers" to act as the prosecution. They would have a staff including lawyers and investigators to assemble a case against the official being impeached.

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Certainly impeachment (due to cowardice and pollwatching) would take a while--and Pelosi already took it off the table so that would make them even more hesitant in Congress. They're still way to dependent on how the media spins everything, and afraid.

If we had a Congress full of Feingolds we'd be able to act fast and come down hard on the criminal asses. We don't tho.

I wonder what's going to happen with all the RNC email--how can Congress get all those? For Plame too--Rove and all the others using the gwb address obviously didn't provide all the info Fitz demanded.