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Why no one cares about this election, reason #4670132

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The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class

Prior to the Great Recession, Adkins owned and ran a successful plant nursery in Moab, Utah. At its peak, it was grossing $300,000 a year. She had never before been unemployed – she'd worked for 40 years, through three major recessions. During her first year of unemployment, in 2010, she wrote three or four cover letters a day, five days a week. Now, to keep her mind occupied when she's not looking for work or doing odd jobs, she volunteers at an animal shelter called the Santa Barbara­ Wildlife Care Network. ("I always ask for the most physically hard jobs just to get out my frustration," she says.) She has permission to pick fruit directly from the branches of the shelter's orange and avocado trees. Another benefit is that when she scrambles eggs to hand-feed wounded seabirds, she can surreptitiously make a dish for herself.

Not only are NO politicians proposing any policies that would actually help people in her situation, localities are criminalizing poverty.

There is a huge humanitarian crisis unfolding in our country and our political, financial, media, and think tank elite are united in their determination to ignore it.

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

Sooner or later, someone who was 'normal but became mentally ill from being homeless will 'go postal' and kill one of those ignoring the the dispossessed; then there will be copycats; then,just maybe, some of the PTB's will say, "hey, this needs a solution" and crumbs will be thrown to the populace. That won't be a solution and and then there will be riots and death.

So sad and so avoidable.

Submitted by lambert on

... they not only expect an epidemic, they are creating the conditions for it. Their solution is die-off. It's only about 100 people who are driving the whole thing; "There are not very many of the Shing." Evil, but not stupid.

To your post, I add:

1. The recent revelations of TB in FL, concealed by the Scott administration even as they close FL's only TB hospital. See a recent Campaign Countdown.

2. The effects in Greece of not being about to get medicines.

Pools or catchment basis for mass infectious diseased are being gradually constructed as a consequence of austerity.

At some point, some nasty bug will emerge from them. We might also notice that Big Food has destroyed the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Submitted by lambert on

You never know what you might want to parody or mock!