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North Dakota Cops Arm Drones With Tasers and Tear Gas

North Dakota's police agencies can fly drones armed with Tasers, tear gas, bean-bag cannons, and other "less-lethal" weapons, thanks to fierce lobbying from the law enforcement industry on a bill that was initially meant to restrict police use of the flying robots rather than outfit them with weapons. While other local police departments have flirted with weaponizing their drones, North Dakota is the first state to explicitly allow the armaments.

The state legislatures in Virginia, New Jersey, and Kentucky are all up for election this year, as well as mayors, city councils, and county government. Your local officials will be out campaigning, seek them out and tell them you don't want any drones in your jurisdiction. Seek out their websites and contact them, tweet to their Twitter handle. NOW is the time they will be most receptive to pressure.

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