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Why Libertarians are Going to Surprise the Goopers (or not, via Diebold)

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I know, I know- my smart friends keep telling me to ignore what I perceive to be a Republican revolt, and an upswell of "libertarianism" in that party. OK, I'm probably wrong. But then there is this thread. It probably means nothing. And yet- on a recent drive thru this state, going up north to the country, what did I see? A lot of poverty, and misery. And, a lot of signs. For one guy, and no one else. That guy was Ron Paul.

I am not a Paul supporter. But I keep talking about him, and his flunkies, because I know them to be like me. That is, lost, and forgotten, and without a real party or representation. I think they are confused about reality, but they likely think the same of me, and in the end, we all understand that we have more in common with each other than we do with our "leaders" in either party.

"Smart" people, and professional strategists, and Beltway types and paid Village inhabitants- ignore us at your peril. When I say "us," I mean the disaffected. It's spreading, growing, becoming more cancerous, however you want to put it. I hope you all speak German, or Mandarin, or something. Because eventually, you will face our wrath. It may not be in the form I want, but it will come. Because there are many more of us than you think, and we know and understand: you sold us out. I am compassionate and nonviolent; my mirror images along the American political spectrum? Not so much.

...OK, I'm really off to bed now. Damn late night conf calls.

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