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Why is it that virtually nobody finds this horrifying?

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Arthur Silber:

I just recently discussed yet again Obama's claim that he has the "right" to murder anyone in the world for any reason whatsoever, whenever and wherever he chooses. As I observed, this is unquestionably absolute power. With not a single exception that I can recall, Obama's claim of absolute power was never discussed during the recent election season. If even one candidate ever said a word about it (and I don't know of one who did), it was so rare and regarded as so insignificant that almost everyone missed it entirely.

Well, for Democrats, Obama's murders leave lovely bones, bathed in the noblest of intentions. And for Republicans, there are never murders enough, especially if the victims are un-white, un-Christian Others.

And what suits our tribal political teams is all that matters. Not policy. Not even human life.

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

by the MSM, that called out against this, against our wars, against corporatism, and the only press I got was in a few candidate lists, and a few questionnaires. Every Green candidate I'm aware of had the same platform.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

be marginalized. We're going to try to have the IVCS ready by 2011 in time to get organized for 2012. I think it will make a difference.

You were really gutsy to run. Maybe two years from now you won't need money to make a dent.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I've been following the explication of IVCS, and the suggestions made here, and I think it would be a great start for the surge in Green action. I'm such a luddite, tho, I don't "tweet", and I've heard that it has been very effective for some campaigns (here in MI Anuzis-the R chair-is giving Steele a challenge, based on his "savvy" and successful use of such things). I'll need all the help I can get (hint, hint) :-) And thank you for the compliment, lets. I have to admit, I was compelled, driven, by the injustice and misery I was a witness to, and doing something actually made me feel better, more hopeful, so you can say I did it for myself, too. (But it was exhausting, I have to admit, no ground troops, no "staff", the Greens in MI are thinly capitalized and supported, but that's on my agenda for the next year...chapters in every community college, university, etc, and we are looking at referendum action to improve election fairness). There is no shortage of work that needs to be done.

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I am not a registered voter. I have not found "my" party. I tried to find some non establishment parties in the 1980s and 1990s.

None met my criteria of an equal balance of males and females, recruitment of specific minorities with a balance in the decision making and out reach to established organizations - specifically unions, the military, campus sororities and fraternities, the organizations of people who do charitable work such as the Elks, and the huge organization - American Association of Retired People.

There are plenty of people who will join up if you simply ask them. The elderly can help put politics back on track.

Strange things happen when you ask people to come and support something that they would not normally think of joining.

Example: A volunteer supported music club in Seattle. When I first went there it was a sea of white bread. One of the organizers asked me what they could do about lack of support. I told her to have volunteers go to high schools in the low rent districts and ask to address the music clubs. Inviting them to come and help or recommend bands. That worked too well. The mix was a lot better but the place was jammed so I stopped going there. I don't know how it worked out.

You have a long way to go if you want my support.

Don't reject anyone. Period. Trailer trash will join if you ask them and let them help organize. Take a look at the militia groups and the tea partiers.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

....and I also wonder why no one - NO ONE - comments on the fact that DC politicians have created the "SS Crisis" by using the trust fund (that we paid into for our retirement security) for other expenses and are now acting as if the full faith and credit of those IOUs mean absolutely nothing. Tough Luck. Money is gone. Oh, and now you have to pay a penalty for having put it in the trust fund to begin with. (See you were at fault all along).

(Head banging on desk top).

What is wrong with us?

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... is that the money isn't "gone" because the taxes didn't "pay for" any of it in the first place, since government spending isn't operationally constrained by revenues.

In other words (again) government is not like a household, where you "save" for a rainy day. I grant the discourse in Versailles is different, and isn't it always.

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... super-enabling --- by so many of us.

Obama apologists to MINIMIZE the morally unminimizable ... along with apparently 99.99999999% of the U.S. ruling class -- administration, legislature and jurists -- along with the amoral on steroids corporate media normalizing and minimizing and ignoring torture and assassination and war and destruction of citizen rights and privileges and fraud, etc., especially the cherry-picking pseudo-intellectual talking heads like Charlie Rose who treat, say, war with Iran like an upcoming ruling class "chess move" instead of sociopathic and psychopathic gratuitous violence and destruction for corporate profit.

Bottom line morality needs to be addressed. Needs to be THE conversation. But like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland ... so distracted and running so fast ... velocitized (is that the word?) panic prevents so many in various stages of responsibility from coming together to address the national depravity, the national heart of darkness in which we all play a role.

We all have our measure of responsibility in this. We need to constantly call out for morality.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Alas, discussions of morality seem to generate little more than a yawn or cringe.

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...and we say so, and make it clear that Obama is unacceptable as a candidate in 2012 if for no other reason.

The real question is why don't the people with the big voices make it clear that they will not support Obama because of this adoption of a policy that can only be described as despotic and tyrannical.

"2% less evil" doesn't cut it when you're talking about 2% fewer murders by executive fiat.

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Submitted by Ga6th on

if you look at what Ickes and some other connected and big name donors are doing, it looks like they aren't going to support Obama in 2012 either. I've also heard that said donors are going to ask Obama for a decision by January if he's going to run again. I'm sure his ego will tell him to run by maybe not since he at least realizes he got a shellacking earlier this month.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

In response to the headline question, perhaps it's because the United States Government has been making this claim almost from its very inception?

You don't believe me, ask a Native American.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

But we'll never get a majority of voters to find it horrifying. The best we can do is find a candidate who really cares about it and is also very good on other issues. I think Elizabeth Warren is that person.

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Therefore the human mind out of self-preservation ignores it. There have been plenty of studies on this. Stockholm syndrome is an example. Coping mechanisms.

Right now for most people, the terror of the insecurity of their own life, their job, their family's health care, their children's future, is already so overwhelming that they have no room left psychically for what they view as "abstractions".