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Why is the US Waging War on Humanity? (20 Considerations)

Who’s your Daddy? “ISIS has many, many fathers, all of whom now deny patrimony.” Glen Ford

1.Terrorism is the symptom. US imperialism is the cancer. The war on terror is TERRORISM! (Garikai Chengu)

2. Obama’s new army of rebels to supposedly degrade and destroy ISIS (and the Syrian state) will undoubtedly take the money and guns and join ISIS, too. (Glen Ford)

3. By the US warring against IS in Syria, if Syria makes a wrong move the US has a pretext to wage all out war with Syria for cause. Cowardly Dems in Congress like Pelosi in House who helped authorize $500 million aid to train supposedly moderate Syrian rebels is incrementally supporting Obama's reckless foreign policy but won’t take a strong and exploratory stand on big picture of war because of elections. (Stephen Lendman)

4. In over three years in Syria because of US and allies backed Syrian jihadist rebels more than 190,000 people have been killed and millions have been displaced. (Press TV)

5. Vietnam began with “military advisors” on the ground. Obama has sent 475 extra military advisors to Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan already. 1600 troops are already on the ground in Iraq no matter what Obama pretends publicly. (Pepe Escobar)

6. The US has a history of backing terrorists. The US during the cold war was against the Soviet Union’s influence and a movement for third world nationalism. Think of the Bay of Pigs. ISIS was “made in the USA”. ISIS was part of a plot to go after Iran. The CIA backed and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1970s. It gave birth to Osama bin Laden and “breastfed” his organization in the 1970s. Al Qaeda was the product of western intelligence agencies! The CIA did the training and the Saudis supplied money in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. (Chengu)

7. US American policy in the Middle East revolves around oil and Israel. Oil is coming from Iraq and US oil overlords are happy. Israel is not happy and wants strong sanctions and eventual destruction of Iran so it won’t support Hezbollah and Hamas, Israel’s enemies. ISIS has been an American developed tool for terror. The last time Iran invaded another nation was back in 1738. Since 1776 the US has invaded or been involved in 53 military conflagrations. In 2012 16 intelligence agencies confirmed no nuclear program in Iran since 2003 but US neocons and Israel continue the propaganda about Iran nuclear program. (Chengu)

8. There are three uses of ISIS by the US government. To attack US and Israel enemies in the Middle East. As a pretext for US DIRECT intervention in the Middle East. To justify expanded domestic surveillance. (Chengu)

9. Wealth, power and privilege are the priorities of American leadership, not respect for human life, justice and empathy. (Lendman)

10. The US destroyed secular government in Iraq. They enabled vast Sunni unempoyment with the new Shiite government. They encouraged religious feuding between Sunnis and Shia. ISIS used to be “Al Qaeda in Iraq” but it has rebranded itself as it focuses on Syria. ISIS is running around with American made M16 assault rifles since they were formerly Syrian “rebels” enabled by the US. (Chengu)

11. The US created ISIS and now it is using ISIS as its “boogeyman”. For three years the US gave money and weapons to jihadist fighters including ISIS hoping to destroy the Syrian state and President Assad. (Syria has NEVER presented any danger to the US.) The US-sponsored jihadists have now created a caliphate along the borders of Syria and Iraq. The caliphate has declared its intention to battle the US. Obama is assembling a “coalition of the willing” to defeat ISIS that the US CIA and its allies created. The US, UK, France and other EU countries, Turkey, Saudi Arabia Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates are all complicit. (Ford)

12. 273 House members voted to authorize $500 million to arm Syrian rebels as opposed to 156. Congress knows there are links between IS and moderate rebel forces. Current moderate Syrian rebels have admitted they are willing to collaborate with ISIS to overthrow Assad. (Global Research News)

13. Retired military leaders receiving six figure payouts from military contractors are constantly being paraded across mainstream media to encourage war. General Zinni wants 10,000 boots on the ground. Jack Keane who runs a think tank with Liz Cheney and William Kristol and consults for Blackwater among other contractors encourages war. But his conflicts of interests are never pointed out on the tv. He has been on Fox 9 times in last 2 months, war mongering. There are many more like him also paraded as experts who are hawking for the military industrial complex. (Lee Fang)

14. The CIA actually had been the trainers of current ISIS troops in Jordan. Now CIA is commissioned to train supposed “Free Syrian Army” rebel troops to supposedly combat the same ISIS troops it already trained in Jordan. The US House approved Obama’s strategy to arm 5000 militants to fight ISIS in Syria. The original Free Syrian Army, supported by the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, has morphed into ISIS. (Press TV)

15. 3 dimensions of conflict in Syria right now. 1) The Syrian government is fighting the jihadist rebels, 2) Saudi Arabia is proxy warring against Iran, and 3) the US is proxy warring Russia. (Chengu)

16. The 2 most influential entities to US foreign policy is the Israeli lobby and the military industrial complex. They have cost the US taxpayer $6.6 trillion and thousands of dead American troops and hundreds of thousands dead and innocent Middle Easterners. But billions of dollars have been paid to “Washington’s military elite.” According to study of Center of Public Integrity, over the last three years in Iraq and Afghanistan 70 American companies and individuals have won up to $27 billion in contracts. 75% of these companies had employees or board members with contacts in high levels of the military or DC political network. (Chengu)

17. Qatar three years ago was much closer to US and NATO. The emir of Qatar, eager to work with the US, sent guns and mercenaries to Libya to help US regime change there. Libya was destroyed in 2011 and is rife with civil war, jihadists sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other allies are causing death and mayhem. After the Libyan regime change Qatar helped to send hundreds of jihadists working for it to Syria to cause regime change there. (Ford)

18. Qatar backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Saudi Arabian royal family hates the Muslim Brotherhood that advocates elections where the Saudi monarchy of course does not. Saudi Arabia put money into crushing Muslim Bortherhood in Egypt and SA is now fighting a proxy war with Qatar for power in Libya. (Ford)

19. Turkey is part of NATO. It has aided ISIS. It has allowed ISIS free use of its long border with Syria and Iraq. ISIS has seized oil fields in Syria and Iraq and is selling cheap oil to Turkey. (Ford)

20. ISIS thugs, enabled with weapons and training by the US and its allies, are now beheading western journalists in the Middle East and are in complete control of an area the size of the UK. (Chengu)

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I think everybody hates ISIS. Once ISIS is dealt with, they will all fall to fighting among themselves again.