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Why I hate those stupid V-for-Vendetta masks

There's a Ferguson verdict, but nobody knows what it is.

"Let our masks be the only thing they see and remember" is pure ego. Wankers.

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Submitted by lambert on

Well, you can't fix stupid, so presumably we will continue to see them. (Believe it or not, in Thailand they were appropriated by the right, which just goes to show the sense in adopting, like Obama, a blank onto which people can project anything.)

Anyhow, "pure ego" is a bad thing to see if you're serious about your politics. I want the good guys to win. I don't think those stupid masks help.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Fuck those asshats, whoever they are, and their stupid, fucking, pointless, masks.

And it is all about their masks. Not about the racism, not about injustice, it's a sea of masks we are instructed to remember.

Go to hell, sikksiid.