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Why I Don't Own a TeeVee, Part 74293

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It says a lot about us as a society that this show even exists. There is something truly vulgar and horrid about a people who accept pedophilia as entertainment. OTOH, it's nothing new and pedophilia is endemic in our culture; it's only that when people like me start pointing it out we're labeled as 'crazy feminazis' and 'overly sensitive freedom haters' or somesuch. It appears no one in this story is on the side of the "good guys," and the dollar amount guarantees that the perversion will continue, abated by our "justice" system. Meanwhile, child abuse and sex slavery are real, unaddressed issues in our society; they are horrors perpetrated by corporations, gangs and our government alike. But most of us ignore those ugly truths, in favor of self-gratifying titillation like this show. The more I think about it, the more I think this moment in American culture sums up almost everything that's wrong with our society. We have a deep, deep sickness and it's called "denial." Ersatz solutions to our problems won't help anything, and in terms of real numbers/the bottom line, they often make things worse. In this case, all this attention only encourages would-be and practicing pedophiles. In the case of things like the environment, the monetary/market meltdown or the occupation/war, the "solutions" proposed by popular politicians guarantee that we put off and also increase the price we will ultimately pay, for our current folly of unwillingness to face the full scope of those problems.

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I'm all for suing that ridiculous entrapment farce where they paid P-J to entrap people. Sure, those same sickos probably would eventually find a real underage girl to chat with, maybe. Or more likely they would keep talking to old fat men, cops, and feds pretending to be underage girls.

What NBC did instead is to fund P-J to entrap people, dumb, dumb people and actively try to get them to come to their house using any means possible. P-J was being used to do anything they could, stuff which would spoil a police case. They would actively chat up people who said, 'this is wrong' and stopped chatting for weeks. They would have long talks on the phone with young sounding adults and try and convince them to come over. Also, P-J has gone to great lengths before hitting the NBC jackpot and mega-$$$ to harass and stalk people. I'm all for public humiliation especially in these cases, but instead of just turning over their logs to the cops, they would call every known person they could find.

Also $100M judgment is probably small change compared to what that show has brought in. The majority of real abuse takes place with known family friends and relatives, so it's kind of sick they just focus on internet morons who are fed some fantasy tale about some idiot girl inviting over strange men from the internet. They found the correct ratings formula and run with it.