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Why I also read Fark.

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Upon hearing that a BP executive overrode the advice of technical experts on the Deepwater rig the morning of the explosion, Fark commenter jevman said:

"One loser from Connecticut puts the wrong fertilizer, fireworks, and closed propane tanks in his car, kills 0 people, injures 0 people, and we arrest him, a bunch of people he conspired with (rightfully so of course), and are considering re-writing the constitution to remove the rights from the rest of us who aren't terrorists (not rightfully so).

A company shows a pattern of ignoring safety rules, causes a complete environmental catastrophe, that kills 11 people, and ruins the lives of thousands of people. No one arrested. No one charged. And they have a limit on their liability, so we the taxpayer will wind up subsidizing the losses, while they keep all the profit.

The corporate oligarchy continues."

This. I expect the culprit will probably get promoted as well, if history serves as a guide.

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Submitted by kerril on

the folks on Fark can also have some great insights or technical knowledge that makes many threads more useful than "real news" sites.
/But yeah, mainly for the laughs.
//and the occasional good looking actor picture threads

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They are wonderful.
/Wonderful, I say!
//Who doesn't like slashies?