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Why is Henrico County pimping Michael Isikoff?

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Why is the Henrico County Economic Development Commission hosting a book event for Michael Isikoff in Fairfax County? (a two hour drive from Henrico County even in good traffic)

Henrico County Virginia presents Newsweek's and MSNBC's Mike Isikoff

Hear him answer the question on the mind of every business person:
“Obama’s Record and the Election
Outlook for 2010: How Vulnerable
Are the Democrats?”
Join Michael Isikoff for an exclusive free-of-charge breakfast/conversation.

So why are tax payers in Henrico County treating a bunch of Versailles courtiers to a free breakfast at the Tower Club complete with free autographed copies of Isikoff's book? How do taxpayers in Henrico County benefit from this arrangement????

Do we have any readers from Henrico County?

How much health care could Henrico County buy for the cost of this event?

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