If you have "no place to go," come here!

Why go into debt to get skills the elite is going to outsource anyhow?

I'm all for education, but this is cautionary:

Economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics have developed an index of occupational susceptibility to offshoring. Almost every computer and mathematical science occupation is high on the list.

We constantly exhort young people to invest in their human capital. But investments in human capital, like those in real estate, don’t always yield a reliably high market rate of return.

Middle-class culture in the United States rests on the precepts of human capitalism — invest in your own skills and those of your children, and the market will reward you. These precepts now seem shakier than they have in the past. No wonder middle-class spirits, as well as incomes, are sagging.

Only ten years after the dot com bubble, too!

If you don't want debt, the only thing to do is hunker down with local skills. If I'd been smart, I would never have become a computer programmer, or a blogger. I would have become a plumber or, up here in Zone 5b, a heating contractor. Fortunately, I can grow a lot of my own food; perhaps that's one skill that the elite won't make it impossible for me to use.

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

Human Services degrees will be in sharp demand, what with the coming increase in poor and needy folks. Guess I have a fallback plan if this sociology thing doesn't work out.

Unless they cut social services budgets....oh, wait....

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Submitted by S Brennan on

I'll never forget that back in the '70's line workers were blamed for quality of the steel, the poor really folks, every night on TV ridiculous lies were told.

Few people understand how little line labor goes into a product's price, the middle class by and large brought this shit upon themselves.

I've retrained 4 times in my life, served in the US Army and the politicians in DC are falling all over themselves to barf on me one more time.