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Why is everybody suddenly Googling on "The Overton Window"?

Sudden spike in hits from a Google search on "overton window." Why?

Did Sarah Palin's mention The Overton Window in her biography?

NOTE See also The Ratchet Effect.

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are about to learn to write posts titled:

"Don't think of a Donkey"

Because movement conservative whacadoodles have been completely detached from the leadership that they think has shafted them. Now? They may want to know "Why?"

They are still thinking about a donkey and they think it is named ACORN.

Dumbass nuts.

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Thanks. Of course.

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of some schmoe on Glenn Beck - the revolutionary with a microphone provided first by CNN and now FOX - talking about how someone has moved the Overton Window to make it seem radical to put an amendment banning abortion into a healthcare bill.

An Overton Window is just a fancier way of saying a "frame," which is what the Republicans are doing. They are reframing the nation's hot topic away from anything like universal care or ending endless war to abortion. It was the topic of their hayday, one they recruited the Christian vote with. To their credit, the Dems defended a woman's right to choose (frame) for decades against the merging of Christian right and the state.

Things change. Frames change. Now the Obama Party (frame) IS the religious right, formerly affiliated with the Party of Less Government, unless you have a vagina or are gay.

In case whatever Beck's guest's name is missed it, we spent more than two decades arguing about whether a woman had the right to a legal procedure or if Republicans had the right to make ethical choices for them. Not too surprisingly, since the Republicans like Beck dominated the media, the Overton Window moved to frame fetuses as babies and a legal procedure as murder, the issue was fought to a standstill with neither side conceding. Meanwhile, many other more important issues went to hell while we were distracted into a debate that no one can win because it comes down to personal choice, personal belief, and in our country, you aren't supposed to be able to make other people's personal choices for them--even if you are offended.

Pffflttt. The Republican Party is going to reopen all this because it is a fine distraction from the train wreck they caused. If the Dems had any window sense at all, they would have refused to go there. People who oppose abortion are not the only people with a moral sense. This bullshit tightens the frame around their's as the only conscience that matters, when the sides taken depend on what you believe in the first place. It is legal (and there is a very good reason for that - i.e., back to personal beliefs) and that should have been the end.

Crank it Glenn, I"m sure the country would like to waste a few more decades on the Right's sole ethical concern.