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Why every woman is really a liberal: OMG that hurts! Edition

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Liquid pain. The war against women starts young.

Studies have shown that in some parts of Indonesia, female circumcision is more ritualistic — a rite of passage meant to purify the genitals and bestow gender identity on a female child — with a practitioner rubbing turmeric on the genitals or pricking the clitoris once with a needle to draw a symbolic drop of blood. In other instances, the procedure is more invasive, involving what WHO classifies as “Type I” female genital mutilation, defined as excision of the clitoral hood, called the prepuce, with or without incision of the clitoris itself. The Population Council’s 2003 study said that 82 percent of Indonesian mothers who witnessed their daughters’ circumcision reported that it involved “cutting.” The women most often identified the clitoris as the affected body part. The amount of flesh removed, if any, was alternately described by circumcisers as being the size of a quarter-grain of rice, a guava seed, a bean, the tip of a leaf, the head of a needle.

At the Assalaam Foundation, traditional circumcisers say they learn the practice from other women during several years of apprenticing. Siti Rukasitta, who has been a circumciser at the foundation for 20 years, said through an interpreter that they use a small pair of sterilized scissors to cut a piece of the clitoral prepuce about the size of a nail clipping. Population Council observers who visited the event before the 2003 study, however, reported that they also witnessed some cases of circumcisers cutting the clitoris itself.

I'm going to warn people, many of the links that follow have graphic images, because seeing isn't just believing.

The Types are listed by the WHO, one of those liberal institutions that the Republicans want to slash.

* Type I - excision of the prepuce, with or without excision of part or all of the clitoris;
* Type II - excision of the clitoris with partial or total excision of the labia minora;
* Type III - excision of part or all of the external genitalia and stitching/narrowing of the vaginal opening (infibulation);
* Type IV - pricking, piercing or incising of the clitoris and/or labia; stretching of the clitoris and/or labia; cauterization by burning of the clitoris and surrounding tissue;
* scraping of tissue surrounding the vaginal orifice (angurya cuts) or cutting of the vagina (gishiri cuts);
* introduction of corrosive substances or herbs into the vagina to cause bleeding or for the purpose of tightening or narrowing it; and any other procedure that falls under the definition given above.

Indy media gives us diagrams which bring painfully close to home what is involved here. Think about those pictures. No, feel them. How would you like the tip of your sex organs sliced off?

Even in the US there have been physicians that only 50 years ago argued for this practice. And as many as 2 million girls and women are at risk for this happening to them every year.

As this map shows, there is a belt of blood across Africa, even though almost every scholar of Islam admits that there is no religious requirement for it, and, at best, there is permission, but not to do what is being done. Often it is women who perform it on young girls, and mothers who take their daughters.

Make no mistake, this is an operation that creates fear and dismemberment.

This is violence, it is ritualized and it leaves behind scars in the spirit. It is intended to.

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and I would urge you to look at the links, particularly the link on dismemberment.

This practice is a step from an honor killing.

Cleanliness is used as an excuse for this, but the cleanliness it pretends to advocate is as artificial as Bush's compassion.

We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill today! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0