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Why don't we just turn the banks into regulated public utilities?

Running a bank should be as exciting -- and reliable -- as running the local gas company.* Yves quotes a few hippies:

Amar Bhide of Columbia:

Let’s revive the radical idea of narrow banking and tightly limit what banks (and any other entities that raise short term deposits from the public) can do: nothing besides making loans—after old-fashioned due diligence— and simple hedging transactions. The standard would simply be whether the loan can be monitored by bankers and examiners who do not have PhDs in finance.

The Times:

Canadian banks are known to be risk-averse, and this has served them well. While their American counterparts were loading up their books with risky mortgages, Canadian banks maintained their lending requirements, largely avoiding subprime mortgages. The buttoned-down banks in Canada also tended to keep these types of securities on their books, rather than packaging them and selling them to investors. This meant that the exposures they did have to weak mortgages were more visible to the marketplace.

The big five Canadian banks — Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Bank of Montreal — survived the recent turmoil relatively unscathed. Their balance sheets remain intact and their capital ratios are comfortably above requirements.

Borrow at three percent, lend at five percent, on the golf course by four o'clock. What's wrong with that business model?

NOTE * Modulo Enron, right? We all did learn from that, right?

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it's a guarantee of stability and civility. Financial institutions should be servants not masters.

Every time these clowns get "creative" the economy goes in the toilet. The only reason to get "creative" in a mundane process is blind greed.

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Silly, Lambert, how could simply vanilla banking sustain the multi-billion dollar bank bonuses industry, golden parachute industry, and the "No Bank CEO Left Behind" initiative. Why would you want to deprive a man the opportunity to grab at as much floating cash as he could possibly handle? That's downright un-American, my friend. Now, excuse my as I report this to the NSA.