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Why doesn't the Obama administration want the anthrax poisoning investigated?

Glenn Greenwald:

Here we have one of the most consequential political events of the last decade at least -- a lethal biological terrorist attack aimed at key U.S. Senators and media figures, which even the FBI claims originated from a U.S. military lab.  The then-British Ambassador to the U.S. is now testifying what has long been clear:  that this episode played a huge role in enabling the attack on Iraq.  Even our leading mainstream, establishment-serving media outlets -- and countless bio-weapons experts -- believe that we do not have real answers about who perpetrated this attack and how.  And there is little apparent interest in investigating in order to find out.  Evidently, this is just another one of those things that we'll relegate to "the irrelevant past," and therefore deem it unworthy of attention from our future-gazing, always-distracted minds.

UPDATE:  Marcy Wheeler notes that the FBI has become increasingly defiant towards requests that its claims be reviewed by an independent panel; of course, that couldn't happen unless the White House and Congress permitted it to.

Maybe the Obama could get Spector to come up with the "single spore" theory?

As an alternative to the "One mad scientist, acting alone" theory we've got going for us now?

NOTE Via Maine Owl.

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If a Democratic President tried to murder two Republican senators with anthrax Republicans would not rest until the plot was exposed. Democrats will just sweep it under the rug under the silly assumption that the Republicans will not repeat the attempt.