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Why does Harry Reid have a job?

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Harry Reid says he'd favor Huntsman over Romney

Why is he even commenting on the Republican race? Can you imagine any previous party leader making a remark like this?

Get the feeling that our parasitic overlords have selected Huntsman?

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Submitted by beowulf on

He completely misread the lay of the land. Instead of doubling down as an economic progressive (in Republican terms), he begins his campaign by endorsing Paul Ryan's jihad against seniors. It doesn't make any sense. As I mentioned when Donald Trump was flirting with running for the GOP nomination (I still think he'll jump in as an independent next summer), if you run as a Republican there are three conservative bases and you must touch at least two of them--- cultural conservatism, 'America, F*** Yeah' national security conservatism and economic conservatism. Trump did something clever, he went further right than anyone else on cultural and national security issues (pro-birther, anti-China) which gave him the room to move further to the left of ANYONE (including Obama) on economic issues. Which is exactly where a candidate wants to be this election cycle.

Trump: "And I will tell you, me, I'm protecting, I don't care what plan the Republicans put, I'm protecting the seniors... Because the best thing for balancing the budget is to have a strong economy. And the economy can never come back if we are going to always have high unemployment."
Drew Westen (Emory shrink/liberal political strategist): "Consider the following statement about budget deficits, which began a message that beat a tough deficit-focused, budget-cutting message taken straight from the mouth of John Boehner with a large national sample by over 30 points with the general electorate and by an even larger margin with swing voters: "The best way to reduce the deficit is to put Americans back to work. There are 14 million Americans who've lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and they'd be happy to be paying taxes again instead of drawing unemployment insurance."

Submitted by jawbone on

amendment to the Constitution.

That would be way intelligent for the nation's financial and economic health. Not.

Huntsman does really want to make the US just like Greece (but without any citizen resistance to The Austerian Way).

Just because he speaks in a civil manner and may recognize global warming as most likely being caused by human actions does not mean he's not just like most of the rightwingers on policy.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Citizen United will make it much easier for foreign interests to buyinfluence American elections. Huntsman is the former Ambassador to China. He knows everyone in the American business community who is owned by the Chinese. I suspect that is where his money will come from.

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Submitted by boilermaker on

Reid is weighing in because he's Mormon like Mitt and Jonny and therefore his thoughts are important to the brethren. Huntsman's purpose is to prevent the Mitt from getting the nomination so that Bachmann or another nut case is the nominee for the republicans, thereby insuring the O's re-election. In many ways Huntsman is a mirror of the O. He did a lot of talking that made the democrats in Utah happy, but he did a lot of things that made republicans happy. He talked about climate change, he talked about equality, he talked about the poor. The reality is that he didn't do anything. In fact if you look at his record, with the exception of loosening some of the liquor laws, Utah became more of a police state benefiting corporations under his watch. Once again, the thing to remember is that Jonny is in this WWE match as a spoiler to Mittster.

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Submitted by boilermaker on

The demos have their convention following the repugs. The economy is still tanking. In a "bold" move Biden drops out and O creates a national "unity" ticket of of O/Huntsman. The community organizer and the businessman. The Muslim and the Mormon.

OK so that one may be too far out there even for me or . . . maybe that's the price you pay for a spoiler.

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Wikipedia - Harry Reid is a Mormon. That is why the big cheese is involved with the two Mormons that want to be President.

Did you think Harry checked his religion at the door?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

but I don't see why he could not have confined himself to I don't comment on Republican primaries.