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Why Does George W. Bush Support Polygamy, Fraud, & Child Rape?

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Harry Reid asked the Justice Department to look into the FLDS and how it treated children before -- in 2006, and with Alberto Gonzales at the helm, DOJ turned a blind eye. Why?

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Where the democrats scold the DOJ, urge them to do better, and strongly condemn child rape. Because that's what they do - scold, urge, condemn.

One of these days it would be nice if it would occur to them to zero out a budget here or there. You know, just to get someone's attention. Or, actually, they wouldn't even have to do that, they could threaten to move the FBI's jurisdiction over these cases to another department. You can believe that would get the FBI and Main Justice's attention.

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UT, AZ, NV, ID all have been firmly in Republican hands since, I dunno, for ever. But when the interstate magnitude of the Jeffs conspiracy became overtly public, it was George Bush's Republican federal government who ignored calls for help from Reid. Too busy purging USAs I guess.

BDB, mostly I agree with what you write but dumping on Dems for this mess at this point just bewilders. Can we not hold Republicans responsible for anything they've done without somebody diluting thier culpability by trying to spread the blame to Democrats? Very frustrating.

Sarah, check your first link;
goes back to the Corrente front page. Nice headline. :-)

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And I'm usually much better about noting that however weak the Dems have been, they have spines of steel compared to their Republican counterparts who have given up every power and prerogative they have to serve this contemptible president. They utterly failed for six years in their Constitutional duties and continue to fail by protecting the President's law breaking and unconstitutional behavior.

But I admit that after more than a year of democratic rule, I'm getting a little sick of letters and urging. I agree at least they are trying to get the Administration to do the right thing, but sometimes I do not think they try hard enough. And I admit I'm more frustrated today than usual with them because Schumer and Rockefeller are already backing away from UHC and we haven't even won the WH yet. That's not just bad policy, it's bad politics, sending the message that the democratic candidates won't be able to deliver on their promises. And they wonder why the GOP wins by painting Dems as weak. Could they be a little less eager to exercise their prerogatives over potential democratic presidents and a little more eager to do so over republican presidents who are destroying the country?

So yes, I grant you they're much better - eons better - than Republicans in this and all other areas, but that's no kind of standard. And I long for the day when Republicans are held accountable, but that in part depends on the Democratic party being willing to do it politically and, if they get control of the executive branch, legally. I'm not holding my breath.