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Why do we tolerate health insurance parasites?

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if gov tried raising taxes 39% there would be riots, but if it goes to Anthem CEO pay it's OK? We need single payer.

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OK. Simple answer to simple question. Well, actually very important and complex question which is not being covered by the MCM, damn it.

In reading around the blogs today, it appears Pelosi is making noises about passing the Senate bill in the House...on a promise there will be corrections made in something which will go through reconciliation....

They'll call her in the morning, I guess.

Greg Sargean said her appearances on the Sunday chat shows just might be important.

Well, maybe so, but it's still not worth actually watching them. We'll know soon enough. And have a lifetime to regret Obama's plan.

BTW, DCB, since I was basically away from the blogs when the Senate bill was passed, are there some good posts which summarize what's really in the Senate and House bills? Thnx!

Anyone else, please chime in if you've bookmarked, or written, something like that.

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parasites' rate increases, etc.

At JohnWalker's post about Nelson and his new gambit on behalf of the BHIPs (Big Health Insurance Parasites), Commenter Willf (second comment) comes up with the term Blue Cross Dems. Will it stick? Will it work?

Walker closes with this graf:

Nelson’s opposition to the idea re-enforces my belief that Obama added it to his proposal for cynical political (and not policy) reasons. Knowing that it would never become law, the president surmised that the proposal would force Republicans to take a potentially difficult vote, but its likely exclusion from budget reconciliation would ensure that private health insurance companies were spared oversight by a new agency. If Obama is serious about keeping the insurance industry honest, he would push for mechanisms that would not violate the Byrd rule, ones that could pass with a simple majority as part of reconciliation, like a public option or Medicare buy-in.

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kill chances of state based single payer systems? that is my concern.

blue cross dems emerged in the comment section of either Open Left or FDL back in early 2009. It is a term I have been pushing.

also: you shall not nail this country on a cross of blue.

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The blogs here, should tell you what's in the bill and why it ought to be killed.