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Why do we blame the reporters when it's the editors?

Sure, Judy "Kneepads" Miller, "Steno Sue" Schmidt, Jeff Gerth on Whitewater--The list goes on and on. But there are plenty of traditiona press reporters who just do their jobs: Walter Pincus comes to mind at once. And Seymour Hersh.

But the reporters aren't responsible for assigning the stories. The reporters aren't responsible for what's front page news and what isn't. The resporters aren't responsible for which reporters get hired or fired, or for newsroom culture. And the reporters aren't responsible for the headlines.

The editors are. They're the ones responsible for headlines like this, from the world's greatest newspaper(not!):

Link to Disgraced Lobbyist Taints Race

Well, that sounds like a fine example of "balance"! Let's read on:

t is curious enough to see Ralph Reed, a man who was on the cover of Time magazine at age 33, the man widely credited with galvanizing evangelical Christians into a national political force, putting everything he has into a race for the relatively low-profile job of lieutenant governor of Georgia.

But it is stranger still to see him losing ground. Because of Mr. Reed’s entanglement in a national lobbying scandal, a political contest that once seemed well within his grasp has turned into a battle for his personal and professional reputation, and it is not clear whether he will survive the Republican primary on Tuesday.

Goodness! From what I read, it doesn't look like the race is tainted. It looks like the candidate of the Republican base, the Christianists, is tainted.

So, um, why wouldn't the headline say that?

Ask the editor!

NOTE When the Republicans get pissed at the press, they call for the children of reporters to be killed, and publish satellite photos of the editor's homes. When Democrats get pissed at the press, we just want them to do their jobs, and when we get really pissed, we do their jobs for them. So guess how this gets covered? Crazy liberal bloggers. Go figure. I guess it's because we say Fuck. Not, like the President, shit.

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