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Why Democrats don't fight back

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The indispensable Avedon Carol

The Dems don't fight back against the fake right-wing outrage because it serves their purposes. They don't care that the right-wing are liars and they don't even mind most of the lies. They don't like being personally targeted by the right (because their friends can be bloody dangerous), but the lies actually serve their purposes. You never hear them complain, for example, that right-wingers consistently lie about what the President's job is, because they don't particularly want anyone to do the President's actual job. In fact, an overwhelming amount of the current public debate is about pretending that the President's real job does not exist - his real job, it is now averred, is to be "the Commander-in-Chief", and the discussion is about how he can do that job much better if he can just, y'know, ignore that Constitution thing. It must be true, because even Obama seems to agree, and I remember hearing all about how he is a Constitutional scholar throughout the campaign.

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if he does not protect the Constitution first. It is deliberately placed above our own meaningless lives and even our all important property. I reacted with stone cold fury every time I heard Bush describe his job that way, and when I heard Obama do the same I really could not believe it. Searched the Constitution again to see if I had missed something, but alas, no.

Can't a so-called constitutional scholar stand up to the fear-mongers and say look, I protect the Constitution first and foremost?

Glad to see you and Avedon Carol and Greenwald take this up. 'Constitution First' should be an easy talking point for the so-called liberal media to explain, shouldn't it?

Seems that the misty eyed patriotism and worship of the military is really only about protecting our money and our lives, at any cost to the values of the country that make me misty-eyed.