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Why "Contest Every Race" Means EVERY Race, Dammit

Covering a national (nay, international) audience as we do we focus on national campaigns. We give lip service to the "contest every race" when it comes to school boards, county offices, and state lege races. Here's why this is not a good idea. Voters for the Pennsylvania state senate seat in the Chambersburg area whill now have a choice between a guy with an (R) after his name who is a Repubican, and a guy on the (D) line of the ballot who is...a Republican. It's a nearly Liebermanesqe grotesquity:

A veteran state lawmaker who lost the Republican primary in May garnered enough write-in votes to make the November ballot on the Democratic side, county elections officials have ruled. State Rep. Patrick Fleagle's margin over Todd Rock, the masonry teacher who beat the incumbent for the GOP nomination, was just three votes in the Democratic write-in tally, the Franklin County Board of Elections said Tuesday.

Both men ran write-in campaigns for the Democratic nomination. Fleagle received 339 votes, and Rock, 336. In the GOP primary, Rock won by 111 votes out of nearly 6,400 cast.

"I make no bones about the fact that I'm a Republican," said Fleagle, a nine-term incumbent. "I've always been appreciative of Democrats. My dad was a Democrat."

If I perchance lived in Chambersburg PA I'd probably vote for the guy, because as I understand the situation the fellow who beat him is an even further fossilized hard-rock hard-right Winger.

But if Fleagle pulls this off and is elected as a Democrat, no matter who he caucuses with he is on the record as a (D) for purposes of establishing the majority/minority party thing. In that part of "Pennsyltucky" his chances are probably slim, but I hope the local party, such as it is, reaches out to him with open arms. Heh.

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