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Why Asher Platts is no longer a Democrat, but a Green

From an interview with the Bangor Daily News:

[PLATTS:] I spent the first ten years of my political life as a Democratic Party activist and turn after turn through the Iraq War and the way the Democrats kept authorizing funding… And saying publicly that they don’t condone torture but after leaks it would turn out that not only did they condone it, they were complicit by not doing anything about it… Between all of that and impeachment proceedings, which the Democratic Party activist base was trying to do everything in their power to bring against the Bush Administration for war crimes and the leadership was doing everything that could be done to stop that from happening. Then from 2008 to 2010, when the party controlled the House, Senate and presidency, and here in Maine they controlled the governorship and both sections of the legislature, nothing progressive happened. In fact, here in Maine in 2009, Democrats voted for a flat tax, which is just crazy to me.

I became very disillusioned. I had believed very strongly in the idea that you stay in the Democratic Party and reform it but I had spent ten years doing that and it had only gotten worse. I had worked for Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign and I saw the immune response the party has within its various apparatuses to any progressive voices and I was just like, alright, this entire power structure has been build to prevent itself from reform. So I gave up on trying to reform an essentially broken structure and decided to work towards building a different structure entirely. The Green Party is that structure.

Well, maybe.

We definitely have a democracy crisis. More democracy. More civic participation. That is what is going to make change.

He's right, and particularly on the civic engagement part. There are Greens out that who want to make their party more than what looks to me, from the outside, like a dysfunctional non-profit. (I've worked in them, and never again.) I'd be more comfortable with the Green Party if I had some concept of who's running the national party apparatus, and how, and the way they're accountable. In a perfect world, the only problem with the Green Party apparatus would be funding, but I'm not so sure about that. Can readers more knowledgeable than I am chime in on this point?

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