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Why aren't our Blogs noticed by Mean stream media mavins?

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I know that when a blog addy is passed around it attracts all the nastiness of the kosacks, badacks and crap peddlers but shouldn't our opinions on Hillary and BO be referenced once in awhile on the big old box - TV?

Once again recently, CNN guy stood up with big screen where he could show examples of what "THE BLOGS" were saying about Hillary.

And, surprise, surprise. There was no blog that had anything positive to report. Everyone on the blogisphere was cursing her for trying to get BO assinated.

Now we know that isn't true and we know they know it and we know they have seen Kennedy Jr's confirmation of what Hillary said. And we know that the interviewer has published his belief that what Hillary said was concerning June and the late Primaries of the past.

But shouldn't someone have the leverage to get to the CNNers and let them know there are other opinions out there? Or are we always going to be doomed to failure because of lack of clout?

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Submitted by Caro on

I send out a newsletter every day to most Clinton supporters, even many of those posting here at Corrente. But if some of them are obtaining material from what I send, very few bother to link back to me.

We could all lower our Technorati scores and raise our Alexa scores, and thereby be more competitive in demanding attention, if we would just link to each other more.

Carolyn Kay

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Submitted by vastleft on

I love and greatly value your newsletter. And thank you much for linking to our posts, especially the generous coverage in your most recent edition!

I didn't even expect to be posting anymore at this point, but that's another story....

Unless I'm mistaken, the newsletter is usually mailed out before it's posted on your site. Since I can't, then, link directly to your post, I keep the following blurb handy in a text file and make a point to use it whenever I find something blogworthy through your handy service:

(via the <a href="">Make Them Accountable</a> e-mail newsletter)

If others like to use items from Make Them Accountable, they might want to keep that text-string handy, as well.

Again, thanks for all your hard work -- it really matters to a lot of us!

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Submitted by FrenchDoc on

It's because once a media narrative has been set (Hillary's a witch and everybody hates her), it's quasi impossible to change because only information reinforcing the narrative filters through.

Oh, and there's also the active collusion between the big blogs and cable news, especially MSNBC for instance.

Carolyn, I will be sure to check out your website, materials and pass around if necessary.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and i didn't realize you'd be posting here, welcome and thanks.

honestly, i find this post a little beneath our usual standards. are you really surprised, Twandx, that CNN's blog 'report' is one sided? i mean, come on. the SCLM has been so filled with republican propaganda for so long now, it's beyond obvious that blogs like these have zero chance of making the cut. unless one of us does something useful to them, like writing a post about health care and having a comment about obama in it which can be cut and pasted incorrectly and misrepresented to "prove" we're wishing him dead.

anyway, expecting the SCLM to pay attention to sites like these is like expecting santa and the easter bunny to end the occupation of iraq. accept that the only power you have over the SCLM is to turn it off, stop paying for cable and newspapers, write their editoral boards, and most importantly the advertisers and tell them why.

anything else is farting in the wind.

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Submitted by twandx on

Good god I have run into a nest of eletists. I cudda sworn this was not a BO blog.

HOWEVER, evidently I did not present my point in such a way that you could understand it. I know the msm bias, and I gave an example. But it's time to stop bitching about that and find out what can be done about it.

We need clout and with all the super smart people making comments here, I'd hoped to get some positive ideas. Sadly, instead, I found a critique of me.

Is that YOUR usual standards - to crap on each other?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

It's because guest posters are expected to use links, data points, etc.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

"Everyone on the blogisphere was cursing her for trying to get BO assinated."

Cuz Beavis and Butthead are amused.

“I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat.” - Will Rogers

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Submitted by vastleft on

Which is a nice feeling now and again. :v)

If you're going to post here, fix yer spelin' for gawd's sake.

There are so many typos, I don't know whether "mean stream" was a pun or a mistake.

And are you really surprised that out-of-the-mainstream bloggers aren't noticed by the MSM? What were you expecting?

Sure, our beliefs are actually far closer to mainstream American opinion than CNN's are, 'cause you know, we hate the Iraq War, and we believe in women's and gay rights and so on, like most Americans do. But we're out of the media "meanstream," for sure.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

that puts up a panel of two ultra conservatives, two regular conservatives, and one timid moderate, and calls that balanced.

These guys will put John McCain and Joe LIEberman together on a show to debate what Congress should do about Iraq.

“I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat.” - Will Rogers

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Submitted by twandx on

For realizing that it was spelled that way intentionally. Gendergappers has been using that for some time.

It's so nice not to read smarky stuff. We get so much of that from the BO-bobs.