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Who's on the collecting end of Greek austerity

John Dizard in the FT:

Last Tuesday, as I had suggested it would, the Greek government paid €435m to the holders of a maturing floating rate, English law, bond issue. The bondholders, among whom were heirs of the American Dart plastic coffee cup fortune, had chosen to be “holdouts”, refusing to tender into Greece’s exchange offer. I hear much of the speculator-holdout position was bought at between 60 and 70 cents on the euro. So they did well, though at that fairly high entry level, the position required nerves of iron. But then the Darts have good lawyers.

I looked up the Dart Company and the Dart Foundation -- no Nazis or even neo-liberals that I can find, though of course as manufacturers of plastic cups they're an integral part of the petro-state. Nothing in Muckety on the Darts. That said....

It's bitterly ironic that the flip side of the haircut the funders of the Dart Center ("a resource for journalists who study violence") refused to take is the escalating number of Greek suicides. "it's a funny old world," as Maggie Thatcher said. How much else of what we see as good and right is wrung from the blood and pain of others?

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