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Who's got what on the AARP?

A tantalizing snippet at the Sideshow:

Meanwhile, AARP is suddenly "ready to accept cuts to Social Security benefits". Why would that be? AARP has been warned that certain individuals are ready to launch investigations of them if they don't go along. (Sam Seder, doing bang up interviews at Netroots Nation Thursday and Friday, discussed just that issue yesterday afternoon with McJoan).

From The Department of Do Tell....

Anybody got time to listen and post a bit of transcript? This is potentially a huge story....

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Submitted by cg.eye on

Just a short phrase describing their cave-in, and how they previously caved with the doughnut-hole in Medicare's Rx benefit.

No one put two-and-two together -- that AARP is mostly a very profitable, unlicensed insurance broker, dependent on Big Pharma and insurance for its pimping-out of its members.

The problem isn't AARP's caving in -- it's the inherent corruption that they caved in long ago to business interests. The Gray Panthers they never were -- but they sure as hell took advantage of that energy to make senior activism complacent, and focused on protecting the ever-smaller pieces of pie they get. Like the legacy parties, AARP should be abandoned for something better, anything better....

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Submitted by okanogen on

Old. Old, old, old. And Racist. Old people are racist. When they are white (and aren't all old people white?).

Old white people are racist. See, that's a fact.

Therefore, they don't deserve to live the rest of their days in less than death-inducing poverty, and this is now an acceptable bi-partisan goal.

The Right hates them because they are poor people, who (supposedly) live on entitlements and only give money to Republicans when Pat Roberts or some other bible-shill tells them to. The "Progressives" hate them because they are old (what more reason do you need?), and they are teh racist. Plus, they can never figure out an iPhone. Gawd, how gauche! Plus, paying for those old fuckers health care is keeping the youthful creative class from being able to afford their new Prius, with which they plan to save the world. Any. Time. Now.

Just DIE ALREADY, you useless, non-contributing, racist old white people! DIE!

DIE! DIE! DIE! Maybe if we can de-claw AARP, you will just all DIE!

Submitted by Avedon on

No one can afford to be investigated. It's incredibly expensive, and any large organization is bound to have someone, somewhere, who can be held up as a bad example. Just ask ACORN.