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Whole lotta email goin' on

Shake, baby, shake. From yesterday's press briefing at the Whitewash House:

Q Waxman's committee has put out an interim report on the issue of the RNC emails showing, they say, that there was more use of those emails than the White House suggested, indicating possibly widespread violation of the Presidential Records Act. It's, like, 140,000 emails of Rove's, so the White House Counsel's Office is aware that official business was being conducted through this party (inaudible) system? Can you respond to all that and what --

MR. BLOW: Look, I can't respond specifically to things that the committee may have put out. But those email accounts were set up, A, on a model based on the prior administration, which had done it the same way, in order to try to avoid Hatch Act violations. And we'll just -- we'll leave it at that. I mean, these were designed precisely to avoid Hatch Act violations that prohibit the use of government assets for certain political activities.

Oh, come on. This is the most transparent fucking cover story I've ever heard. They say "Move everything that's political into the private RNC accounts." But, to this White House, everything is political; as John DiIulio and many others have written, there's no policy arm in this White House at all. So, since everything is political, all the correspondence moves off the White House servers onto the RNC servers. Eh?

The shakin' continues:

Q What have you all found in looking at these emails and emails related to the U.S. attorneys --

MR. B: I don't have any comment.

Q Pony, thank you; two questions. Channel 6 in --

MR. BLOW: I'll tell you what, let me back up -- a couple of things. Number one, again, I'm still trying to -- Hutch, I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to get at here. I want to make sure I give you a satisfactory answer. What you're talking about is?

Q Well, you all are going back and saying, remember, how many you could save that might be relevant to that inquiry.

MR. BLOW: Right.

Q I'm wondering where that stands. And are you prepared to give up whatever you found at --

MR. BLOW: Well, number one, I'm not going to get into any conversations we may be having with Senator Waxman's committee about what they may be requesting. But, again, the way the system works, any email sent to or received from White House emails are automatically archived. And the RNC has had an email preservation policy for White House staffers, as well.

And of course there's no followup to ask what the policy is!

We've sort of been through this -- I'm not sure exactly what the start date was -- we'll just have to see how Counsel's Office responds to Representative Waxman's request.

Q We have been through this, but you were saying at the time there were, like, 50 staffers -- Waxman is saying, no, it's more like 88, and there are indications -- I mean, 140,000 emails is a lot of emails.

MR. BLOW: That is a whole lot of email.

Q And that's just Rove, that's not all the other folks.

MR. BLOW: That's a whole lot of email, absolutely right.

Reach me that bucket, wouldja, hon?

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Snow also lied.

"...But those email accounts were set up, A, on a model based on the prior administration, which had done it the same way, in order to try to avoid Hatch Act violations..."

is simply not true, if he's implying the Clinton Administration. They did not use DNC email. They did not even have web access to external e-mail servers. Only the server. [keep in mind this was the late 90's and early 2000, when web-based e-mail (other than NetScape) didn't exist, nor did BlackBerries or text messaging).

Now, if Snow is referring to the prior Bush Administration, that of George W from 2001-2004, then he's probably accurate.

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Pony Blow, like all the BushCo criminal enterprise, is very, very careful about phrasing things to stay justthisclose to the edge of lying without going quiiiite over the edge. So it would not surprise me at all to find him (anywhere from later this afternoon to, oh, middle of next week) having to "clarify" that "previous administration" in fact DID refer to GWB43 v1.0, i.e. 2000-2004.

Because GBW43 v2.0, i.e. the maladministration under which we currently suffer, is a whole 'nother thing entirely, doncha see.

The matter of the "no Rove RNC emails from earlier than 2003 can be found, alas" would be the subject referred to here.

Jeffy Coptix' gastroenterologist has to be making a fortune right now. Purple pills on top of purple pills, and nothing can keep the agony from flaring up for very long. I wonder how many times he get up in the night to check to see that all his doors are locked, security system on, and his children are still in their beds? This is a filthy dirty bunch he's chosen to throw his lot in with, and their loyalty to the peons outside their social circle is not something for which they are greatly noted....

(ps, the way your comment headline came up: "Snow also lied..."But" caused me to giggle. He also lied "The", "And," "So," "Because" and every other word out of his mouth.

Brilliant of them to drag him back and make him die of cancer in the bright camera lights. The WH press corps has a hard enough time hammering on these lying bastards when they're hale and hearty; watching Snow's eyes get more sunken, face get more haggard and the fact that he can't buy shirts fast enough to keep up with how fast his neck is shrinking, has to make it even more uncomfortable.

God damn but I hate these people.)

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If I had ever chosen to throw my lot in with such people. Fortunately, I haven't!

I wonder if the exact number isn't 144,000 emails - that could be a sign!

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Contrast Scotty's obvious discomfort when he was caught in a lie to Snow's obviously relishing that he can take it without a sign that he's felt it anywhere. It appears to me that Snow's assumed that dying person's edge of sanctity, and that the press is really revolted by his assumption that now he's beyond their grasp. Don't think it's going to work. Not as long as they've got an ounce of sense. (Not always a viable proposition.)


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From the hearings featuring Doane, one needs to leave the premises to be compliant with Hatch, as the gov't. is still paying the lease and utility bills for the office.

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... concentration camp advocate Michelle Malkin is going to go on saying exactly what she has been saying. It's her business model.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.