If you have "no place to go," come here!

Who knew? US Gov't classifies rocket propelled grenade as WMD--

at least for purposes of going after Americans caught fighting with "terrists."

That is what a former US soldier is being charged with, after bragging about his fight against Assad in Syria, but ending up as part of Al Nusrah, apparently after being separated from his original FSA group.

Here's FOX News video:


Seems the administration is pretty worried about the strength of the Islamist invaders in Syria. Too bad they helped arm them and and get them there.

And if rocket propelled grenades are WMD, well, just about any nation in the world could be invaded by the US going after WMD. Or not. Gee, I'll bet Bush/Cheney wished they'd known about that, so they could claim Saddam really did have WMD!