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Who is it, exactly, that can't move on from the 2008 primaries?

Izvestia "Pro" Nate Silver, for one. I mean, come on. Mark Penn bashing? In 2010?

Mark Penn is so over. Although not, apparently, for our career "progressives."

NOTE I really, really like it that Silver picks not an R, but a D from the "wrong" faction, to excoriate. Meanwhile, The Big O's David Axelrod is The Compleat Man Of Principle, whose work isn't even visible on the Bogosity meter. Alrighty, then.

UPDATE I'm fine with bashing Mark Penn. It's only after Hillary threw Penn and his ilk overboard (go read again) and went under the Versailles radar with small town halls and throwaway cell phone GOTV that she took the majority of the popular vote and all the big states. So, yeah, Penn sucks. And so what? I understand that Penn may seem significant to insiders like Silver because they're commercial rivals for servicing the legacy parties, but to the rest of us? Penn is a forgotten figure, and Silver's trivial chatter can be of interest only to wannabe insiders and Obama's rump.

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Silver's trivial chatter can be of interest only to wannabees inside Obama's rump.

This version has the added advantage of tracking nicely with Arthur's latest post as well.