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Whither electoral politics?

I like how the Obama campaign has simplified its messaging.

In 2008 the Obama narrative was "hope, change, and the other guys are racists, especially that Clinton bitch."

In 2012 the Obama narrative is "The other guys are liars." Much more elegant!

* * *

Actually, the "liar" narrative is a real example of scorched earth tactics. You don't see GM saying Ford cars are death traps engineered by lying weasels, for the very good reason that the general public would conclude that ALL cars, no matter the manufacturer, were the same.

Similarly, the general public, faced with a consistent narrative that all Republicans are liars, will conclude that all politicians, of whatever stripe, are liars. Of course, this conclusion has the great merit of being true.*

So, watching the Obama campaign treat the Democratic Party as an asset to strip rather than an instiution to build, one can only wonder what the 1% has in mind for the electoral system. Nothing good, would be my guess. Anything regarded as disposable will be disposed of.

NOTE * Modulo, at this point, the Greens. They have not yet had the opportunity to be corrupted. Ditto the libertarians. But we'll see what happens when and if the legacy parties split, and real money starts to seek out the emergent parties. I hope they have institutional structures developed to cope with "successs." Then again, the deeper problem may be representative democracy as constituted, from the opportunities for rent seeking that the process of representation, by its nature, affords.

NOTE I have to admit, this started out as FB post. But as I approached the last paragraph, I realized things were more serious than I thought they were.

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are rightfully proud of their version of direct democracy. But,as Solon knew, without equality(economic) there can be no democracy.