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White House Wants You to Pay For Own Health Care

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It's not a secret that the cretin in chief doesn't care about us common folk. That there has been no outcry about his plan to remove tax breaks for employer health insurance is pretty amazing.

The natural effect of making it more expensive will mean most employers will eliminate employee health plans and leave it in the lap of the individual employee.

Employer-paid health care
is exempt from federal and state taxes. That amounts to an average $2,778 subsidy per worker this year, or about $3,825 for a family plan, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

President Bush, calling health-care spending "unsustainable," has proposed eliminating the tax break for employer health plans because it has "hidden from employees much of the growth in insurance premiums."
Cost-shifting to individuals sweetened by a tax deduction won't make it affordable. Although you can deduct health-account contributions, it can obscure the real cost of medical care.

Health care is offered by every other industrialized nation, but in the U.S. we have an executive branch that wants to take away what we have.

It is time to let the class warmongers in the White House know that we won't let them cut out the basic care this country deserves. A klieg light should be shining very hard on the retreat from public interest that this maladministration is plotting against us.

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Submitted by Sarah on

Why are we so much more willing to fight for this than we were for the rights enumerated in the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, when the Cretin In Chief declared those fair game for his cronyist manipulations?

If we were going to draw lines in the sand we should have drawn them at James A Baker's statement that Bush was the apparent victor in 2000.
Since we didn't, and then didn't again when this cretin let 2700 citizens be slaughtered (and a tiny little voice in the back of my head still thinks that SOB knew it was coming, if he didn't more actively help it happen) on 9-11-01 (IMPEACHMENT would have happened if a Democrat had been in the White House, and you can bet your sweet @$$ there'd never have been a second's hesitation on the part of the Beltway shark pool!), and didn't again when the Patriot Act was proposed, or the War in Iraq, or the Secret Surveillance came to light, or the vote fixing in 2004, or the firing of honest US Attorneys, or the installation of Abu Gonzales, or the sick and useless torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and God alone knows where else this bunch of bastards has secretly stashed invisible detainees, or ... why should we draw them now?
It's just another business as usual White House bailout of cronies and ownership society owners.
BOHICA -- and don't forget your Vaseline.

There is but one way for a newspaperman to look at a politician and that is down." Frank H. Simonds

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Submitted by Ruth on

You're right, it's one of multitudes of violations of the public interest. However, the attempt to smush Social Security made enough of a stir, that I think people just haven't realized yet how this attack on their health care will pinch their personal finances. It's going to cause a huge increase in the numbers of uninsured families - and in our health care - if it doesn't get killed, now.


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(Hi, I'm new.) A tax deduction? I'm a low-wage, uninsured "pink collar worker;" I work 40 hours a week and still don't earn enough to itemize. There are millions in this situation; granted, those among us who still don't understand the criminal nature of this administration and continue to allow it to use fear and bigotry to seduce us into digging our own graves may be unreachable. But we still exist. At least some of us even vote. This issue is only one dish in the grand, toxic Sunday brunch of disgusting offerings from Bush, but it's still important to warn the potential diners.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

you're right of course, tax deductions don't help the Little People. but to bush, we literally don't exist, and thus it never crosses his mind that working class folks don't make enough to itemize.

Submitted by lambert on

Break a leg in Canada, you walk into a doctor's office and get it fixed.

And the doctor gets reimbursed the next day.

Why can't it be like that here?

When we get the death penalty for corporations, the health insurance companies should be the first at the gallows.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Will is probably the biggest (at least the one I hear the most) proponent of the notion that health care should be painful/difficult/expensive to access. Otherwise people will just indulge themselves in it any damn time they feel like it. This raises the "cost of healthcare" and that is Bad, so it should be discouraged.

Of course his solution is to make sure everybody has to pay a discouraging amount before being admitted to the Holy of Holies of the physicianly priesthood. The method he has in mind is increasing the out-of-pocket expense for this indulgence. No-deductible health insurance is Bad because it fails to do this.

What Will of course is careful to make absolutely no mention of is that it makes a difference whether you have anything in your pocket to begin with, or whether whatever resides therein is already committed to hedonistic indulgences like the rent, food, gas bill, and similar frivolities. Everybody should just have, oh say $5000 they don't need for any other purpose lying around with which to pay for medical bills before insurance kicks in.

His favorite patronizing analogy is that we don't file a claim on our car insurance every time we get an oil change or replace a windshield wiper or battery. But somehow we have been coddled to think that every single twinge of toothache or spurt of blood or protrusion of bone from leg should just be magically taken care of without us having to pay anything on the spot.

Imagine! Such a system would obviously collapse the nation as everybody quit their job to spend all their time at the doctor's office or hospital. Just, er, Canada has...right George?

ack. spit. ptooey. We hates him, preciousss, yes we do.

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Atrios was just remembering vintage Will today, courtesy of Eric Alterman ... when Will decided to leave his wife and children, he went out and bought a million-dollar home.

Just like that.

I'm sure he believes that "[e]verybody should just have, oh say $5000 they don’t need for any other purpose lying around with which to pay for medical bills before insurance kicks in" -- for him, $5,000 is barely walking-around money. Chump change.

Do you suppose that Will himself has the type of high-deductible, it's-your-own-damn-responsibility health plan he advocates for you and me? Can you imagine that he wouldn't be covered from Dollar One? Do you think he truly believes that health care should be difficult and expensive to obtain -- for himself? Or that he has ever, in his life, been without health insurance?

He's content that people like you and me will die, from time to time, simply because we're uninsured. But that's not enough for him -- he cannot be satisfied until we agree with him that this is how Things Should Be.

That's where he lives.