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Since when did any United States administration do sponsored by-type events? Wait, don't answer that.

The entire government is "sponsored by." is owned by "American Capital", a key player in the Washington region. Interestingly, they're looking to restructure (their lawyers are Weil, Gotshal, same as Lehman, Enron, WaMu, and GM).

So you have to ask yourself whether the administration is throwing some hits to to pump up the price of one of American Capital's subsidiaries, so when the subsidiary is sold, the creditors -- I imagine, but cannot prove, that these are the usual suspects, the biggest of the big banksters -- will benefit. That's how they'd do it in Chicago....

NOTE Hope I'm getting these company relationships right...

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Submitted by jawbone on

Way back in primary and general election time, when Team Obama was being praised for running such an excellent campaign --which would mean he govern most excellently, as well!-- I noted that BushCo had run a most excellent campaing.

And how well did that turn out for our nation?

Serious question: Has this been done before by BushCo or other administrations?

Or are we just noticing this kind of thing now?

Submitted by lambert on

You are, I think, making the mistake of confusing Democratic voters with Democrat constituents.