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White House Health Reform Traveling Circus: Des Moines, Iowa edition

I've only watched the first 15 or 20 minutes, so I don't have much to say beyond finally, somebody has admitted out loud that the Health Reform phrasing, instead of health care reform, is deliberate. I swear, if I hear We don't have health care in this country, we have sick care one more time, I'm going to barf.

If my attempt at embedding this video flops, you can watch it here, and read the accompanying article here.

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i thought i heard some kind of disturbance at the beginning of the video.

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From over at Digby's (via Susie Madrak):

Claire McCaskill says it's absolutely essential that old and sick people don't ruin everything:

Just came from bipartisan meeting on fiscal discipline. We must deal with entitlement reform. Very hard, but absolutely essential.
20 minutes ago from web

Entitlemnt reform is making sure Medicare & Soc Sec don't devour every penny of our budget leaving nothing for education or other services.
12 minutes ago from web

Apparently, they didn't receive the memo that Peter Orszag has transformed the argument from "entitlement reform" to health care reform. Somebody ought to get Claire a copy. (My emphasis)

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Democracy Now:

PAUL KRUGMAN: A zombie idea is an idea that you keep on killing, because it’s a bad idea, but it just keeps on coming back.

Damn. The Paulson Fix Is In. Those civil liberties attacks on the Constitution. And the zombie from St. Ronnie, entitlement "reform."

We can never sleep....

Bonus in this comment is the Krugman interview transcript at the link above.

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She's an accident waiting to happen for the dems. Even worse, some libs feel the need to sing her praises. Why?

You know why.