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White House Health Reform Traveling Circus: Burlinton, Vermont edition

The video, about 2 hours long, can be seen here.

If I figure out how to embed it, I'll come back and do that later.

I've only watched about the first half hour [and probably won't get through the entire thing tonight], but so far, yes, it does look like the speakers might have been chosen because they're faux single payer advocates. The first speaker is a woman who [if I heard right] led one of the Daschle House Parties in December. Also, she's a community organizer, and speaks mostly about the importance of community organizing in fixing health care.

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If somebody with QuickTime Pro can get hold of it, perhaps I can embed it here; otherwise, I don't think it can be.

On the "plant"... I'm sure I don't have to prompt you to find out her name....