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White House Health Insurance Reform Summit antidote

Since the legacy parties have denied a seat at the table to the advocates for the only policy that can be shown to cut per capita costs by half and save lives, Health Care Now is holding a single payer sidewalk summit:

Join us for a Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, February 25th, at 9am at the NE Corner of Lafayette Park (H St and Vermont) in Washington DC or find one near you.

Note that the H Street and Vermont location is new.

I hope that any Correntian who can go, does, and files a report!

UPDATE Oops, I forgot the musical accompaniment:

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NOTE Via Atrios. Ha, the White House webmasters butchered their embed HTML, so I had to leave off the link to their site, just like he did.

UPDATE Watch Obama with the sound down. It's really something. I wish we had a kinesiologist on site....

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Summit 'good practice' for GOP majority rule

"If we end up with the majority (in Congress) this fall history is not going to take a vacation," Gingrich said. Republicans, he said, won't be "allowed to say, let's elect a president in 2012 and visit in 2013. History won't tolerate it. So Republicans had better figure out, and today is a good practice run, how do you walk into the same room (with President Obama) and not be intimidated, not be afraid, explain what you will do, offer to do what you will do, and pleasantly refuse what you won't do."

Gingrich said that Obama has lost public support in the health care debate because "the underlying culture that is having discussions is going, 'I don't want high taxes, I don't want massive debt, I don't (like) the Chinese and the Saudis holding our bonds, and I don't believe government's a very good delivery system' " for health care.

Obamacare turns "the government" into a delivery system for health care? The way he frames it, it's as if I'd have to go to my Representative's office to get a flu shot. Who would want that?

Of course, Obamacare does nothing of the sort, but we knew that.

I hate him so much, because the lying, sociopathic asshole is a genius at framing.

"First thing we do: Kill all the pundits."

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not be intimidated, not be afraid

Yeah, that's right the Republicans have been acting all scared and weepy - unable to say no to him and his policies.

Of course, I agree with the part about the Republicans should be outlining their policies. Not that I'd agree with those policies, but it is nice to be clear what exact you are disagreeing with.

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but have been too busy to pay attention for extended periods of time.

First, I am exceedingly annoyed by Obama’s calling everyone in the room by his or her first name, while everyone else has to observe proper etiquette and address him as “Mr. President;” it’s a transparent psychological tactic that reveals his overweening need to be bowed down to.

I’ve heard way too much homage to Republican ideas; way too much.

But Obama thinks they’re having a terrific conversation. Oh, yay!

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Live blogging the kabuki:

Obama claims the two ways to deal with pre-existing conditions is exchange pooling and high risk pool. (Not true. It is called single payer. It is cheaper, better, used all over the world.)

So, why aren't there any single payer advocates at the summit? I thought this was supposed to be an open and transparent process where all ideas were on the table? Especially ones that work?

Maybe a single payer advocate that Hamsher hasn't banned yet could point this out in comments and give a link to the sidewalk summit...