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White House health care fear tactics

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More fear mongering from the White House Blog:
Opponents of Reform Cry "Repeal," Vow to Fight On for the Insurance Industry

Yesterday POLITICO reported that, before it even becomes law, opponents of health care reform – including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – are already talking about repealing it. Certainly there is a fundamental disagreement here, since many opponents of reform – again including Gingrich – appear to think that insurance companies can do no wrong.

First, it does seem like another example of opposition at any cost to want to repeal a law before its even enacted.

Second, everyone should be very clear what is being called for here. At a time when insurance companies are finally about to be reined in, and when American families are finally about to be given control over their own health care, opponents of reform are advocating that insurance companies once again be allowed to run wild. Specifically, if they have their way.

First of all, Gingrich speaks for Gingrich, and to a less extent Republicans. They oppose this because they don't want Obama to have any victories, however hollow.

AHIP itself has been uncharacteristically silent. They know the proposed legislation is a bail out and they want it to pass without their fingerprints on it.

None of the proposed restrictions on insurance parasites go into effect until 2014, and since there is no enforcement mechanism, they might as well not exist.

Pro-single-payer physicians call for defeat of Senate health bill

The negatives, the group says, include the individual mandate requiring that people buy private insurance policies, large government subsidies to private insurers, new restrictions on abortion, the unfair taxing of high-cost health plans, and cuts of $43 billion in Medicare payments to safety-net hospitals. Moreover, at least 23 million people will remain uninsured when the plan finally takes effect, they said.

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