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Whirlpool tries to cheat Maytag retirees out of their health benefits

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Another failure of employer-based health insurance

If you were negotiating an employment agreement, you might consider taking an outstanding benefits package in exchange for a lower starting salary or a wage freeze. How would you feel if many years later, in retirement, some of those benefits were taken away from you?

About 3,000 former Maytag workers and family members have received letters from Whirlpool this week informing them that they are about to get cheated.

The sad fact is that under our system there is an enormous incentive to cheat workers. Canadian companies don't have this problem.

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... at the link, re Maytag.

Unfortunately, since he isn't supporting the policy that would lead to the good outcomes he claims to seek, the statement is useless.

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and give stern statements like that that you mean companies to take note of and you will have the support of many!

Thanks again DC for keeping us up on all of this!

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Typical of whirlpool i had a few of their appliances which broke i tried to get some oem whirlpool parts but when i told them i wasn't happy with their products and throwing them out for maytag the guy on the phone gave me the biggest attitude i wish i recorded it to put online.