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While the West sleeps, Putin wows at Valdai...

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I find it utterly remarkable, no, incredulous, the western media, in its continued demonazation of Putin, had almost nothing to say about Putin's speech at Valdai. It may well prove to be his best speech ever and go down in history (no joke) as the most important speech yet of the 21st century. Yes, it was that good. And important.

The video is here, it’s just over 3 hours long. I strongly recommend “you” view it. If not all of it, at least Putin's part at the beginning.

I listened to almost all of it. With few caveats, I like Putin’s style and candor. He doesn’t threaten, he acts. I don’t think he’s a liar: He doesn’t have to be.

Frankly, I can no longer bear to even hear Obama’s voice; it’s both his voice (the actual sound) and lie, upon lie, upon lie. Ditto for Kerry, Rice, and Power.

There were other leaders/scholars/diplomats who also spoke and engaged Putin after his initial speech.

The interchange was most interesting and Putin’s answers telling.

My take is that Putin’s message to the west, specifically to the U.S., is simple; do not underestimate Russia and do not continue to try to bully us.

We’ll not have it! Period! And Putin’s made it crystal clear; Russia is not intimidated nor cowed and will respond up to and including nuclear.

Russia certainly deserves respect and validation of its importance in the world today.

The consequences of the sanctions against Russia are immense; the end of SWIFT currency transfers domination, the end of the dollar as the pre-eminent currency on the world markets for oil and everything else.

A dying empire is an ugly thing; and those attached to the U.S. (Australia, England, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Italy) to name a few, are in for very rough times, IMO.

Putin knows what is what and though favoring ties with the U.S., has been soundly rebuffed and will act accordingly.

The 21st century. And just look at us. Stupid, ignorant and self destroying…

While not normally a fan-boy of PCR; here he nails it, IMO.

Paul Craig Roberts had a very interesting take as well;

And this deserves a read as well.

We can no longer afford the ignorance of provincialism; in this day and age it may well kill us.

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"I find it utterly remarkable, no, incredulous, the western media, in its continued demonazation of Putin, had almost nothing to say about Putin's speech at Valdai."

They're so vain they probably thought that song wasn't about them.

There's one thing that Vlad said that really needed saying and with which I agree 100%. The collective security arrangement of the world --the post WWII cooperative model of international relations embodied in the UN-- lies in ashes today, and the arsonist who is to blame for its destruction is the United States of America, acting alone, under the leadership of George W. Bush at the time. There has been no reckoning in this country for the damage he did. It could be said that the Iraq war has not ended, but for the American people it did. We had a recession and what a recession! and our troops came home and we thought we went back to the status quo ante. However the international order was resoundingly destroyed by Bush's aggressive warmaking. The first rule of that order was that you can't launch wars of aggression. The rule was thrown out by the ranking power who might be called on to enforce it against others, and the order to which it served as a keystone was replaced more or less overtly by a declaration of global Imperium. We were no longer the indispensable nation guaranteeing world peace, but the world's ruler who must be obeyed or else your cities will burn and your children will die.
And that's where it all stands today.

President Obama has done nothing to reverse or address this dangerous situation or the criminal aggression against the peace of the world unleashed by his predecessor. He has in fact continued it. Either Obama approves of Bush's declaration of a US global Imperium, or else he finds it impossible to walk us back from it now, and like Macbeth has determined to wade through blood to final victory. It makes no difference which is true, except maybe to the Obamapologists and the pitiful Democrats who let themselves be bullied endlessly by them. Barack Obama is guilty of many sins. He deliberately squandered, for example, any chance we had to reform our economic order, either because he was completely in the pocket of the banksters running this bordello, or because he was "too chickenshit", to borrow a diplomatic term from his State Dept., to challenge our bankster oligarchs. (Again it makes no difference which.) But his failure to restore respect for sovereignty of other states, to renounce the fascist doctrine of "preemptive war", and to walk us back from the Neoconservative model of international relations whence that doctrine derives, a school of thought summed up well enough by the phrase Nuke their ass and take their gas! may prove one day to be his gravest error. Oh yeah, I know that this is all most likely a "strategery" born of desperation arising from the tightening of global oil supplies. But there are worse fates than really expensive oil, and the global course we've been on and are holding to still, leads fairly directly to one of them: world war. This time between nuclear states.

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... for those who can't devote three hours to a video. This is interesting:

“Evil must be punished. There must be a democracy.” Look at what happened in Egypt: there was a state of emergency there for forty years, the Muslim Brotherhood was forced underground. Then they were allowed to come out into the open, elections were held and they were elected. Now everything is back like it was before. Once again the Muslim Brotherhood has been pushed underground, and there’s a state of emergency. Is this good or bad? You know, we need to realise that there are probably countries and even entire regions that cannot function according to universal templates, reproducing the patterns of American or European democracy. Just try to understand that there is another society there and other traditions. Everything in Egypt has come full circle, came back to what they started with.

Apparently, those who committed the now famous military actions in Libya were also inspired by noble motives. But what was the outcome? There too they fought for democracy. And where is that democracy? The country is divided into several parts which are run by different tribes. Everybody is fighting against everybody else. Where is democracy? They killed the US ambassador. Do you understand that this is also the result of the current policy? This is a direct outcome.

I don’t say this now to criticise or attack anyone. I just want to encourage all of our partners to listen to each other, and to each other’s arguments. Russia has not special interests in Syria, and that is not what we are trying to protect by supporting the current government. Of course not. In my article, I think I wrote something like “We are fighting to preserve the principles of international law.” After all, it was at the initiative of the American founding fathers that when the statutes of the United Nations and its Security Council were signed – and I would stress that this was at American initiative – that they contained a provision that decisions pertaining to war and peace must be made unanimously. This holds profound meaning. No matter how hard or how difficult this may be.

After all, you understand that if any country feels invulnerable and strikes unilaterally wherever it deems necessary, then the international order and the very meaning of the UN and the Security Council will be reduced to zero. This would be a blow to the world order, not simply to Syria. That’s what I’m talking about, do you understand? That’s what I’d like to say to you and this audience, and to our partners in the United States.

Putin is, after all, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB. Nevetheless, it's interesting to contrast the high level and seriousness of this discussion with, say, whatever Keith Alexander could come up with.